Day of Departure: August 13th, 2014

This is Lisa.  We put Jace on the plane in Idaho Falls this morning at 7:30am.  He was all smiles and excitement.  As a family, we have had a somber day wondering how he’s getting along.  One mom I know who has had a missionary leave before described the feeling as “miserable joy”. During his travels today Flint got a text from a random traveler.  It said, “Ran into an incredible missionary on his way to England in the Denver Airport.  He sends his love…”  (thankyou kind man!)photo 2

We know he’s going to have great experiences, work hard, and bless his family and many people in England.  That makes this day sweet!

As a full-time missionary, Jace can recieve letters and packages at his mission home address posted on this blog.  You can also email him at  Missionaries get to correspond one day each week, called their Preparation Day (P-Day) and I know he will love to hear from you all.

photo 3



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