August 20th – 1st P-Day

Dear Family,

This past week has been amazing! So sorry I forgot to tell you when my P-day is! It’s today!! But once I leave the MTC it’ll be on Mondays. Holy cow, I opened up my e-mail today, and I had 22 e-mails to read! I’m overwhelmed! So I’ll try and answer everybody’s questions and stuff, but hopefully you’ll forgive me if I miss something. Yes Sam, I did get the pictures you sent me; and the pictures that Jessie and Mom sent too! (Although mom’s were pretty blurry, so I couldn’t read a thing on them, but I got the jist of it.) Oh, one thing, before I forget, I can’t seem to find my patriarchal blessing in my stuff, so Mom, you might need to look for an extra copy to send me…even though you told me to make sure I had it before I left and I didn’t. Woops! Also, I’ve looked for that little picture book you guys gave me, and I don’t think that’s in there either, so look for that too! Ecxited to hear about Jessie, but lets be honest, I knew you’d make the team. It’s an especially big deal to me to hear how close my family feels. I can clearly see the Lord’s hand in that. To answer some other questions, I would like to tell you about the area I’m serving in, but I’m still in the MTC. My companion is Elder Nielson, and he’s the most chill guy. He’s literally up for whatever, whenever. He’s also got a great testimony and is an awesome teacher. Plus he does probably 50 push-ups each morning and evening, just for fun. You’d probably like him, Jess. 😉 I got a “welcome to the mish” e-mail from Jana and Ally and Grandma, which I loved! Super exciting to hear about Madi’s and Trystan’s mission calls! I fully expect most of Portugal and California to be active members of the church in about a year and a half! The MTC is an incredible place! That analogy about learning in the MTC being like drinking from a firehose? Spot on, chaps. We have literally been picking apart Preach My Gospel every day! It’s actually been a really humbling experience, which I’m grateful for. The food is so awesome! We eat like kings for every meal. Some of this stuff I’ve been a little hesitant about trying, but just about everything has tasted surprisingly delicious! Me and Elder Nielson are the zone leaders for the people going to the London and London South missions, which doesn’t mean a whole lot in the MTC. All we have to do in here is make sure the people in our zone are happy and attend leadership meetings on sunday. Now I’m going to finish up and figure out how to get some pictures on here so you can see this place! One of these is Curtis, he only knew me for about two hours, but in that time, he managed to calm a young boy’s heart, make sure he knew where he was going and which gate to go through, brought a huge relief to a couple of very anxious parents, and even set the boy up in the United club area where he could get hot chocolate and snacks while he waited four hours for his connection to New Jersey. I never even got to ask him his last name, nor did he ever ask mine. He only called me Elder, and that was enough for him. I can’t say how much this man means to me. I will never forget Curt.

The other pictures are of me and my companion, there’s a picture of my district with the temple behind us, the view from my bedroom, and maybe another one of me and Elder Nielson. Haven’t seen a lot of the country just yet, but no worries, I’ll see plenty of it after this next week. I love you all so much, yes, even you who don’t call yourselves Packers. That’s okay, not everyone can have the greatest family in this world and the world to come, but you can still hang out with them. They’ll treat you like family, usually. 😉 Well, until my next P-day, cheers!

My district at the Preston Temple

My district at the Preston Temple

Me and my companion  Elder Nielson

Me and my companion Elder Nielson

Airport with Curtis

Airport with Curtis

View from bedroom window overlooking MTC

View from bedroom window overlooking MTC



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