First Week – Check!

Hello family!

I loved getting all your e-mails last week and this week! I wish I’d had time to reply to them all on wednesday! I’m also glad to hear that the Little America has not been forgotten! Hope you ate a chocolate ganache cake for me! Guess where my first area is?? Ok, I’ll just tell you. It’s a place called Ramsgate, pretty close to Dover. Yes, as in the White Cliffs! It’s not as busy as London, but still pretty populated. I can see the ocean from our flat, and on clear days, you can just see France waaaay out there! (Tell Austin we can wave to each other when he gets there.) My trainer’s name is Elder Leite (pronounced Leych), and he’s from Brazil! I’ve been learning so much from him! In the mission, your trainer is your father, and his trainer is your grandfather, and vice versa for the sisters; it’s kinda funny. Surprisingly, I have not picked up that English accent yet! I still sound VERY American. Haha, sometimes it feels like I actually did get a foreign language mission because some of these accents are so heavy and fast that I have no idea what they’re saying! Times like those, I just smile and turn to Elder Leite and hope he understood. Ever heard of a kebab? No, not the food roasted on a stick. It’s some middle-eastern food that seems to be really popular here. I’ll attach a few pictures of me eating some. Elder Leite would not allow me to be trained without being “kebabtized”.

Speaking of which, big news! There were two baptisms already scheduled the week I got here, and so we had two baptisms this week! They both wanted Elder Leite to baptize them, but I was asked to confirm Lloyd, the young guy with the earring! It was incredible, and I was so happy! To answer a few questions, our flat is actually better than I thought it would be, and I haven’t done any tracting yet. Just street contacting, which is fun once you get past being afraid of total strangers. Well, my time is almost up, hopefully I can load these pictures on here for you! If not, I’ll try to e-mail them from the camera!

I love you all so much and can’t wait to hear more from you!


Elder Packer

p.s. Thanks for the birthday presents and the letters in the mail! I shall eat well this week!


First Glimpses of London,England



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