Miracles from Obedience

Dearest everyone,

So that I may have time to write longer letters, I will just print off your letters and read them later back at the flat! That way I have more time to read as well! This week has been exciting! At the beginning of the month of September, we had a mission-wide phone call with President Jordan. (He’s the bomb.) We set a goal for 50 baptisms this month for the mission. The next day at the zone meeting, we set a zone goal of 5 baptisms! We’ll have to work super hard to get this, but we have a saying here: “Obedience brings blessings; exact obedience brings miracles.” And how true that is! Boy, if you want a miracle thrown right at you, just use these three easy steps:

  1. Be exactly obedient. Me and Elder Leite have been trying our best this week to follow every rule and guideline to the letter. Even if we have to cut breakfast a little short to start Personal Study on time.
  1. Pray specifically for help in reaching your specific goals. The word “specifically” may look redundant twice, but it’s not. it’s just…specific! We’ve been praying for our mission goal, zone goal, and companionship goal– one baptism.
  1. Have faith. Trust that the Lord will help you in your goal! And most importantly, go out there and work for it! Faith without works is dead. You can’t really have faith in Jesus Christ if you don’t act on what He says.

After the zone meeting on Tuesday, we went back to Ramsgate for our appointment with Natasha. The lesson went really well, and we committed her to baptism on the 14th! Then, 5 minutes after that, the ZLs called us to tell us that they just committed a whole family of five to baptism! We congratulated them, and then 10 minutes later, we were talking with someone on the street, when this lady walking by does a double-take when she sees us, and comes up and asks us if we’re those Mormons? As a matter of fact, we were! She proceeded to tell us that she’d been looking for us because her and her daughter need to be baptized! After we picked our jaws up off the street, we said we could help her with that! MIRACLES!!!

So anyways, we’re feeling pretty happy right now. Yes, we’ve still got a lot of work to do with these people, but they’re on their way, and we have faith!

My companion… “he doesn’t think I know a butt-load of crap about the gospel, but I DO! Ok?” (Nacho Libre Humor) Haha, not really. Elder Leite is a great trainer. He calls me his only-begotten. We work pretty well together! Obviously we’ll work better once I actually figure out how to make sentences and put gospel principles in said sentences, but for now we’re not bad!

Since I didn’t send any pictures last week, I’ll send you a bunch this week! We went to the Canterbury Cathedral last Monday with some other missionaries in our zone. It was a blast! The black elder in some of them is Elder Masuku, who I’m doing exchanges with tomorrow. He loves The Lord of the Rings almost as much as I do! Also, one of these has a random picture of a seagull looking in our window. That’s Abed-nego, we like to feed him.

I love you Mum and Dad!  I love you Jessica!  I love you Benson!  I love you Sam!  And I love you Mia!

Cheers, Jace

SAM_0158 SAM_0129

Looking out at the English Channel toward France

Looking out at the English Channel toward France

At the door of Canterbury Cathedral

At the door of Canterbury Cathedral

Jace with Elder Masuku at Canterbury Cathedral

Jace with Elder Masuku at Canterbury Cathedral







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