One Month

Dearest Darlingest Momsy and Popsicle,

This Sunday marked one month for me in England! I didn’t take as many pictures this last week, but I do have a couple I can send. Looks like you’re all having a grand ol’ time back home! When I’m done with my e-mailing here, Elder Leite and I are going to have to go deep-clean our flat because we have a flat inspection tomorrow! I love getting these pictures of all y’all, and today I’m going to go buy a USB drive so I can download them and print a few of them off! This week was a little disappointing for us though.  Natasha was supposed to get baptized yesterday after church, but she never showed up. We’ve been calling her, but she hasn’t answered. Hopefully we’ll figure out what’s going on with her so we can help. This week we’re really going to focus on finding new people to teach, because the more people we’re teaching, the better the chances of us finding someone who’s ready to be shown the way. We’ve got a few right now who look promising!

Cool England fact: “hell” is not a swear word over here. I was very confused when the bishop’s daughter started dropping “what the h—?” so casually in the church building. Haha!


How’s my best friend for life?(you) Looks like Student government is keeping you busy, which is great! I love getting individual letters from you and the others. When you get your mission call for the England London Mission, my life will be fulfilled. We’re the Number 1 mission! Literally, we’re the first mission though! I hope you’re having fun with volleyball this year! Enjoy being a senior, it’s the best time ever! Anyways, luv ya!


Shoggy black doggie! My little freshman bro! It looks like you’re having a blast in highschool! How’s your baseball team shaping up this year? Hope it’s a good one! Do me a favor and look out for Sam and Mia for me. Jessica may be the big sister, but big brothers are way more fun. (I should know, wasn’t I just the best?) Make sure they get some quality time with you, ok? Ok.


Same goes for you, look out for Mia at Longfellow. I know she’s tough, but you’ve gotta have her back! I’m excited to hear more from you, you cheeky monkey. I love you


I was going through my suitcase the other night, and I found Bobo the monkey that you gave me! I’ve been sleeping with him every night since then! 🙂 Thank you!


No, I haven’t forgotten you! And yes, I have loved every e-mail I’ve gotten from you. I’m not a very fast typer, so I usually just stick to writing to my family and hope y’all are following the blog! Congrats to Austin for making it to the MTC, I know the journey across the street from your house in Provo must have been long and tiresome! I know the rest of you with your mission calls are going to have SUCH a good time out in the field. I have so far! 🙂

It’s an amazing time to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I’m still just a n00b out here in England, but I’m getting there, slowly!

Farewell Familia! I’ve learned just a couple phrases in Portugese, Cantonese, Italian, and Zulu.

Most of them mean “I farted.”

I love you!

Eu te amo!

Elder Packer




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