Life’s Good in London!

So so sorry that I’m e-mailing so late. We had planned to do it around noon, but something came up and we wound up at the hospital talking to a guy there instead. Don’t know what happened with the time, really. Also forgive me for not answering all your questions last week, I’ve just been printing your e-mails off and reading them when we get back to the flat. I wrote down all my answers and have them with me though, so I can answer you now!

— Yes, the ward members feed us dinners, and more than I thought they would! I’d say we eat at a member’s home at least once a week. Last Monday, Brother Boysen took us and the Dover missionaries out to a proper all-you-can-eat English style breakfast! Yum!

— We really like frozen food, cause it’s easy to cook. We drink a lot of squash, which is like concentrated fruit juice. You pour a little in the bottom of your cup, and then fill the rest up with water! We drink SO much of that!

–Here’s a list of funny things people say here:




Hell=not a swear word (heard the bishop’s daughter dropping WTH in church, it was confusing at first)

mock around=goof off


pants=underpants (thankfully I was warned about this before I got into trouble)


— We went street contacting one day, I psyched myself up to get ready to preach the gospel, and the first person I stopped, I blurted out something incomprehensible along the lines of, “HAPPY WHAT MAKES YOU HELLO SIR!” I got better after that. One of those Brian Reagan moments, “Take Luck!”

–We get around mostly by walking and riding the Loop, which is the bus system for our area. We also take the train down to Deal for church every Sunday.

–I have not used my umbrella once yet! There was a monster storm while we were in the MTC, but we were inside for that. And since I’ve been in the field, it’s only sprinkled a little bit, but that was when we were inside too!

— I bought a cardigan from Primark, and I’m debating on whether or not to buy a European-style suit. I definitely will at some point, but I just don’t know when.

— Thank you for asking for a challenge! As a family, turn to Chapter 9 in Preach My Gospel and go to the section “The Importance of Members”. This will tell you how much we appreciate and NEED members’ help! President Jordan actually gave us a great training on the subject last week, and although it was directed to us missionaries, I feel you could apply it as well. I asked him to e-mail me some of the quotes he used and stuff, so hopefully I’ll be able to forward that soon!

— I have had fish and chips once now. It was alright. I actually do like the malt and vinegar. Something I didn’t know before, was that they actually fry the fish with the skin still on!

Since we’ll only get an hour to e-mail tonight, hopefully we’ll get permission from the Zone Leader’s to do a half hour tomorrow, so I can send y’all the pictures you wanted!

Ooh! I got the care package on Thursday! Elder Leite and I thoroughly enjoyed having some good ol’ Kraft Mac’n’Cheese! We are allowed to have you send us stuff directly to our flat, but we’re encouraged to have you send it to the mission home, where the zone leaders will pick it up and give it to us at the next Zone Meeting (which is about every three weeks). Mom, I laughed so hard when you said you were going to crochet me and my companion matching sweaters for Christmas, it reminded me of Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter! It means so much to me to hear that you’re being blessed. I read through all your e-mails and highlighted different stuff that everybody’s doing last Monday.

Don’t worry about your e-mails being too long, like I said, I’m printing them off and reading them later at the flat. Congrats Kianna and Graham on your mission farewells! I’m so excited for you! I thought I knew what I was getting into, but it’s turned out to be so much better! Graham, I heard your introduction was similar to mine, and I’d like to say I couldn’t be more proud! 😉 Hello Tyler and Braiden as well, don’t slay too many ladies in IF just because I’m not there anymore! 😀

Hey, we’ve got another baptism scheduled for this Sunday! Her name’s Yasmin, and she’s a sweet, shy, 16 year old girl. we love her to death, and she says she’s ready to make this committment in her life! Yeehaw!  Thank you for your prayers and your love, I love you all so much!


Elder Packer


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