Hello… not dead just delayed

Dear Family,

Sorry for not writing on Pday this week, everyone. On monday we went to Canterbury to play football with the zone for Sister Finch’s last P-day, and so we booked the computers in the Canterbury library for after lunch. Then as we were waiting for our time, we realized something we forgot, and so we didn’t e-mail then.

Then we went on splits, and Elder Leite and Elder Masuku switched, so it was two greenies getting lost in Ramsgate from Monday evening to Wednesday morning! Woohoo! Would’ve e-mailed Monday night, but we had appointments with people, and then we had to go straight to the flat so we weren’t late. I probably should’ve just stopped at an internet cafe and dropped a real quick e-mail to let you know I wasn’t dead, but all I was thinking about was not being late to the flat.

 But on another subject, Yasmin’s baptism was this last Sunday! It was a great service! Because of General Conference, we won’t be able to confirm her until next Sunday, but that’s no big deal. She’s pretty sure she’ll be there! We’re also teaching her mom, Jasmin, who also wants to be baptized. Yes! Something I’ve been trying to work on this past week has been prayer. Not the amount of praying I do, we definitely pray a lot out here! But I’ve been really focusing on praying for the people we’re going to teach each day by name. It’s really helped me keep them on my mind as I try to figure out how best to help each one.

I usually e-mail at the library. And no, I wish we had iPads in our mission. That would be SO helpful! Zone conference was such a blast! We had three zones in our conference, so I met lots of new friends there! Regarding Graham’s comment about my extra 20 lbs… Almost. I left Idaho weighing 132ish. Last I checked, I now weigh a solid 140 or thereabouts. Good news, Mom and Dad, when I come home, you can say, “I thought I sent one son to England, not two!” Turns out I left my camera at the flat on accident, so I can’t upload my pictures this time. Poop. Oh well, I’ll send them on Monday!  I’m gonna be so fat. 😀

 I love you all, and I hope to have some cool updates for you next Monday!

Elder Packer

 P.S. I recieved the package with all the Mac’n’Cheese and muffin mix last Tuesday! The zone leaders brought it to district meeting! Thank you so much, it made me so happy! Elder Leite and I ate well that night!


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