I have now used my umbrella.

Question: How is Fall in England?

The answer is: wet.

I can now say I have used my umbrella here! It’s rained for most of this last week! ๐Ÿ˜€ That’s alright, though, it hasn’t really gotten too cold yet, so that’s a plus! I loved the pictures of Benson and Jessica at homecoming. Super posh! And Sam, what a marvelous flower pose! I wasn’t sure if you were smelling it, or it was eating your face! ๐Ÿ˜€ Well, we confirmed Yasmin yesterday, which was well and good. Lloyd also got the priesthood, which was super neat! Don’t know if I told you about Lloyd yet. He’s one of the two baptisms we had the Saturday I got here. He’s 26ish, he drives, he loves the gospel so much, and he’s just a cool guy in general!

We had transfers this last Wednesday! I think I already told you that Elder Leite and I are goin’ another round in the Isle of Thanet, but Elder Masuku moved. He was one of the Dover missionaries. He got moved to Ilford, in Essex. Bye, Elder Masuku, see you around!

We’re going to London on Thursday for a meeting with an Area authority. I can’t remember what they said his name was, I’m just excited to go to London again! It’s such a cool place!

Take care in D.C. Mom, Dad, Sam and Mia! If you see Caleb Sanders there, pretend you’re investigating the church and talk to him! Hehehe! Hopefully Jessie and Benson won’t burn the house down while you’re gone. Oh ya, good job on an undefeated season, Chukars! Chuk-Chuk-Chuk-Chuk ChukAAAAARs!

In answer to questions: A care package for Christmas. Yes! Knitted sweaters, definitely. Don’t know what else. I’ll have to think about that for next time.

One of these P-days, I’m determined to go to the White Cliffs! Those’ll be some mighty fine pictures!

Much Love, Elder Packer

We tore down a shed for some people. I refused to enter this shed after we scared up a spider as big as a FLIPPING MOUSE!

Shed Demolishing

Shed Demolishing

Demolishing a shed

Demolishing a shed


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