The Sky is Actually Blue Today 10-28-2014

Oh my dearest family,

I cannot begin to tell you how happy and proud I am to hear of your missionary experiences! I know as you pray for more opportunities to share the gospel, they will come. It’s up to you to take advantage of them or not. Read D&C 6:8  (“…even as you desire of me so it shall be unto you; and if you desire, you shall be the means of doing much good)

What a fun-packed week you’ve all had! DC sounded like a blast, and the homefront sounded like a much less organized and supervised blast! Well, unfortunately I have no pictures of the WWII tunnels from last Monday, because they were closed. Poop. But I have had a good week! For starters, we met a new investigator named Sarah. She has a son named Dillon.  She seems to have a sincere desire to learn the truth and to change. Exciting! Terry’s progressing, he still needs that witness from the Holy Ghost about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, but he’ll get there. We had Interviews with President Jordan yesterday, which was why P-day was moved to Tuesday. They gave some great trainings there, the whole of which cannot be written by me at this time. (I just massively paraphrased a scripture from 3 Nephi, I just can’t remember which.) Mom’s story of meeting the Sister in the temple who had been out about as long as me reminded me of something I realized in the MTC. There’s a difference between being homesick and missing your family. Every missionary misses their family tremendously. I miss you all so much, because I love you! But my homesickness left when I  committed to the purpose of being out here – to dedicate these next 2 years to Christ and share His gospel. Though I miss you guys, the last thing I want to do is come home, until of course I’v been out for 23 months and 3 weeks. You know what I mean.

Well, I hope you have a lovely week! I know I will! I love you all, and hey, the sky is actually blue today!

Love,Elder Packer

The double-decker buses are smaller than they look!

20141028 England 1

– We found an all you can eat place for £8! We splurged

20141028 England


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