The Tale of Terry’s Chocolate Orange 10-20-2014

My Sweet Familia,

Today I have to tell you about a funny miracle that happened to us this week. Monday night we went and bought some candy, cause we were feeling sugarless. We bought a chocolate candy called a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Elder Leite had heard that these were the best! Legend said they were literally slices of chocolate in the shape of an orange that you ate just like an orange! We were so excited to get home and eat it! But on the way back, a homeless man stopped us and asked us for money. As you know, we’re not supposed to give out money, but in this case, we really didn’t have any left. We told the man that we’d just spent the rest of our money on this Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and he could have that if he wanted. He took it and left. Needless to say, Elder Leite and I were a little bummed, since we’d really been looking forward to that. But we shook it off, because it’s just whatever. Then the next day, we were at Terry and Marien’s house; it was a great lesson, and he accepted a conditional baptismal challenge! At the end of our lesson, Marien stood up and told us, “Wait, before you boys go, we have a gift for you!” She left the room, and guess what she brought back with her?  Not one, but TWO Terry’s Chocolate Oranges! One for each of us!  What a tender mercy from the Lord! We weren’t even expecting anything miraculous or cool to come from the sacrifice of a chocolate orange.

And now to answer some questions:

1. I would love to say that our main method of finding investigators consists of us standing on large wooden boxes in a busy park or crowded town center and preaching repentance with a loud voice, confounding all who seek to hinder the Kingdom of the Lord. That would be pretty cool! But what we actually do isn’t really any less cool than that. We do go to the town center, and we street-contact. This means we stop people on their way and teach them about the Restoration!

2. Yeah, I’m staying warm. In fact, whenever we walk into the flat it feels like the heaters have been left on, even though the heaters are both broken.

3. Besides the white cliffs, which I haven’t gone to yet, there’s the Canterbury Cathedral, and today we’re going to go on a tour of some tunnels that helped protect people from the bombings during WWII. That should be fun!

4. We’ve got a couple weights in our flat, so I like to lift those and pretend I know what I’m doing. I am definitely interested in that home-workout from Benson that Mom mentioned!

5. Our zone is the Canterbury zone!

Also, funny story:  I got a birthday package from my you guys this week! It was from, and it said it had been sent on the 13th of August! I laughed so hard at that. So now I have birthday cake mix, birthday frosting, birthday hats, streamers, and noise-makers, but no birthday to use them for. Haha! 😀 So I shall save them until somebody in the zone has a birthday! Moral of the story: Don’t use!

I love you all, and I love the Lord.

Love, Elder Packer

Lloyd suggested I use this to help us catch more investigators.

Lloyd suggested I use this to help us catch more investigators.

A Pokemon Ball – My favorite game!

Got a Catch Em All - Pokemon!

Got a Catch Em All – Pokemon!

They were taking pictures holding their girlfriend’s names. I decided I’d join them!

Our Special Gals!

Our Special Gals!

Also, we took pictures with the birthday supplies!

My birthday package came.

My birthday package came.

We had a special zone conference on Thursday. I photobombed someone with a selfie in the background! You must look closely!

Photo Bomb on Purpose

Photo Bomb




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