Ello Mates!

Dear Family,

This week was pretty good. Right now before I forget, I will be e-mailing on Tuesday next week, because it’ll be transfers week. Which means that this is going to be my last full week with Elder Leite in Ramsgate! Sad, yes, but he’s been here for 6 months now, so it’s time for a change of scenery for him. I’ll miss him, but odds are I’ll still see him at zone conference. Such is the way of a missionary!

 I did get that song you sent last week onto my USB, but I forgot about it until now, I’ll have to go listen to that.  Also,  in attempting to download music from my iPod onto the computer and into his USB, Elder Leite seems to have accidentally wiped my poor iPod completely. Poop. So I will be sending it home, (along with some other stuff I’ve been meaning to send). Please fill it back up with songs from my mission playlist, plus the Prince of Egypt soundtrack, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat soundtrack, a little more Josh Groban, and whatever else you deem cool. If I don’t send it this week, I shall send it next week. In the meantime, I still have some music on my USB, thank goodness, but please don’t take your time in sending it back. I gotta have my tunes!!

Terry’s doing well, though he wasn’t able to come to church yesterday, which was a bummer. But he’s searching for the truth, and I know that as he reads the Book of Mormon and sincerely prays about it, the answer will come. This is his part to do, we can’t do that for him, all we can do is pray for him. And bless his heart, he gives us snacks almost every time we visit! 🙂 We met a cool couple from Italy this week! Giovanni and Marta are here studying English. Giovanni wants to go be a teacher up north. They are both active Catholics, born and raised, but they listened and participated in the lesson of the Restoration willingly enough! We gave them the Italian version of the Book of Mormon and promised them that if they sincerely read it and prayed to know of it’s truthfulness, they would know what we were talking about. It seemed to me like that made a lot of sense to them, being already firm believers in God; I just want to help them strengthen that faith. I really want to baptize them, they’re really nice! We invited them to church, but unfortunately they couldn’t make it this time. But that’s ok, they can come next time.

Actually, sad story, we didn’t have any investigators at church yesterday! 😦 Whether it was flat-out refusals or last minute plans that changed, nobody was able to come. Sometimes it’s like that, I guess. We just need to keep doing our best! Elder Leite shared a story in zone meeting that demonstrates this pretty well, I think. I may have embellished the language a bit, but it’s still the same.

       “God showed two missionaries a huge boulder and told them to push it, then he went away. The missionaries started pushing and shoving with all their might to get this thing to move, but it was just too big. God returned and saw the missionaries straining against this rock. He told them to keep pushing, and he left again. All day long the missionaries pushed. God came back again and saw the sweat-drenched missionaries still struggling to move this rock, but it would not move. Again he told them to keep pushing, and left. The next day, he came back to see how they were doing. One of the missionaries was lying on the ground, gasping for breath, and the other one was still weakly struggling with the boulder. He asked them what they were doing. They replied, ‘We’re sorry, but we’ve been trying and trying to move this rock like you told us to, and we simply can’t!’ God then told them, ‘Nevertheless, you’ve done well. I only told you to push the rock, not to move it; I could do that myself. But now look at how strong your arms and legs are from pushing this boulder!”

God could do this work himself. Heck, he already does most of the work for us anyways! Our job is to do the things he’s asked us to do, like invite others to come unto Christ, and administer the preisthood ordinances to help those who do wish to come unto Christ, and whether anyone accepts it or stops to listen, that’s between them and God.

Love y’all, and I hope you have a terrific week!


Elder Packer


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