Happy Thanksg… oh wait, never mind!

Dear Family,

 I’m so glad to see you’re having a good time over there. And yes, Sam, I seem to remember my little brother very well, including that little rank little incident you mentioned. Good times. I’m so jealous that you have snow! The natives here have told me that since we’re kind of on a little isle that’s mostly surrounded by the sea, we don’t usually get snow around here! 😦 Oh well, rain is just as good, right? I can’t believe it. My mother is a England-London-South-Emailing-Missionary. I hope you hear back from Sister Meredith’s mom.  As an England London missionary, I give unto you the land Southward, and I will take my people to the land northward, and we shall dwell there.

 So I live on George Street in Ramsgate, for those of you who like to take walks in Google maps. (You know who you are.) I haven’t memorized my flat address, but that’s ok, the office address works fine. I’ll just e-mail my new flat address once I move somewhere else. Speaking of moves, tomorrow Elder Leite and I are taking the train up to London to exchange companions! Elder Leite is going to Ilford (Essex) to serve with the one and only Elder Masuku, while I am bringing another American back to Ramsgate: Elder Patterson! I’m hoping he’ll be a pretty cool guy, though I haven’t heard too much about him. I just hope he can cook, because I’m still no good in the kitchen!

 I’m not sure if I shared this before, but one of my favorite scriptures used to be 1 Nephi 2:15 which reads, “And my father dwelt in a tent.” This was a great scripture that I used many times in seminary when I forgot to prepare my devotional. At first I liked it because I thought it was funny that it was so short, but one time when I used it, one of my friends raised their hand and found a deeper meaning to these 7 words. It’s important to understand that Lehi’s family did not leave a bad life behind. Granted, the people weren’t exactly on the best terms with Lehi at the time, but he left behind a lot of wealth! He had a nice house, and plenty of gold, (as we later discovered). Plus Jerusalem was his homeland, the birthplace of his ancestors! Yet he dropped everything he had, picked up his family and left THAT NIGHT! If only we could be so obedient.Well, the computer seems determined to kick me off a half hour early, so I’ve got to go now! I love you all so much!  Have a great next week!!!

We went to contact a potential investigator the other day, (not home), and he lived next to Van Gogh’s old place!


This next picture is of a recent convert named Colette.  She took us out to dinner to celebrate Elder Leite leaving! It was SO GOOD!


Elder Leite taking a selfie of us.


Me burning my 12 Weeks booklet! You can’t really see the flame… and I didn’t actually burn it.


This is the Rudloff family! They are the bestest! Brother Rudloff is the ward mission leader, and, well, I’ve already told you all about them.



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