News this Week

Dear Packer clan,

Wonderful to hear how you’re all doing!  Grandma and Grandpa Pocock, I’m glad you two are enjoying yourselves in Mexico! As you were expecting, I have news about my new companion! I was getting tired of my old one, so I upgraded to the iComp 2, which I have dubbed Elder Patterson. Haha, ok it’s not quite like that, we just got switched, but I do like this guy! I’d tell you all about him, but from the sound of it you already know more about him than I do! He’s a straight-forward, hard-working guy with a sense of humor, so I’ll keep him for now. I think we’re going to get along swimmingly this transfer!

Oh yeah, I think I forgot to mention this before, Elder Cook from the Quorum of the Twelve is coming tomorrow to speak to the mission. No big deal.  BUT I’M SO EXCITED!!! Man, I get to hear a prophet of the Lord speak in REAL LIFE, not on TV! Ehwoooo! I think I’m going to appreciate it now more than I would’ve before because one of the distinctive messages we testify of is the importance of modern revelation and guidance through a prophet called and authorized by God! This will be a day to remember for sure!

In other news, we’ve found some good new investigators since Elder Patterson arrived. We’ve had a couple interesting lessons. We visited a less-active on his second day in the area, and when he asked where Elder Patterson was from, I told him, “He’s from Germany. He looks American, and he sounds American, but he’s German.” It was awesome after that because he went right along with it and started speaking German! What are the chances?! Hahaha, so we totally fooled this guy we were visiting. We still haven’t told him the truth. 😀

Hope you guys all have a good Thanksgiving this Thursday! Set a place for Ally and me, just put a picture of our faces at our seats! We’re probably going to wind up having Thanksgiving dinner at a member’s house, thank goodness! I was worried I might have to try to cook something that resembles Thanksgiving myself! That would not have been good. The smoke alarm has sounded too many times in this flat already.

Have fun everyone! Stay alive! If the Second Coming happens between now and my next e-mail, well, awesome!  It will probably be a bit easier to get people to want to listen to us !

I love you all so much,

Elder Jace Packer

Sister Cameron let me try on her brother’s old kilt yesterday. Scotland the brave! I don’t have any pictures with Elder Patterson yet, but I will next week!

Scotland the brave

Scotland the brave


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