The Tale of Two P-days

Hey guys,

Much of what I will send this time will be pictures because last p-day we went to Canterbury Cathedral again, and this P-day we hiked along the White Cliffs! Plus there was a big festival in Sandwich for the Christmas Lights. Plus Thanksgiving. It was a fun week.

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral

White Cliffs of Dover

White Cliffs of Dover

Christmas Festival in Sandwich, Kent

Christmas Festival in Sandwich, Kent

But first, I’ll tell you about some cool people I have some high hopes for. This Sunday we had three of the Challis girls come to church with us, finally! We’ve been visiting the Challis family since I’ve been in the area. They’re a part-member family, and just the three youngest children haven’t been baptized. So one of these girls was less-active and her two younger sisters want to be baptized, so they’re going to start going to church regularly now. Hopefully this is the beginning of bringing their whole family back into activity! We also met this couple, A– and Z–, a few days ago. We had an appointment with them the next day. When we went and knocked on their door though, nobody answered. They weren’t answering their phone either. We figured they either didn’t answer on purpose, or they gave us fake information. Either way, it was disappointing. But as we were walking away, we turned the corner and there they were! They’d been getting the groceries, and their cell phone’s reception was spotty. We helped them carry their groceries in and had a wonderful lesson with them! Their baptismal date is on the 27th of December.

Anyways, the rest of the week will be pictures! I love you all, and the sky is probably blue somewhere behind all that grey fog!

Love,  Elder Packer

This statue guy in the Cathedral looked fabulous!


-My new iComp upgrade Elder Patterson. He is from Sandy, Utah and he likes photobombing as much as I do!

SAM_0318 SAM_0333

Preachin’ from the gold eagle pulpit! (Like a boss!)

Ordered a sandwich from a sandwich shop… in Sandwich.


The White Cliffs of Dover  It was pretty chilly!


The whole district, (minus the sisters), sitting on the edge!



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