Christmas Times a Coming


So first off, Jaffa Cakes aren’t that great. Meh. Secondly, for calling on Christmas Day, we are planning on doing it at Bishop Pettman’s house around 5pm-ish. I’ll ask them about their Skype and Facetime details so we can arrange that. Maybe e-mail me your account address/info stuff just in case I need it? I’ve never been the one to set up a skype/facetime call, so I don’t know what to do, so this’ll be an adventure! I’ll get all the info I can and e-mail it to you next week. Also, yes I am getting your pictures, I love them all! The movies I can watch on the computer, but there’s no volume to hear them.(It’s a library.) I tried downloading one onto my USB and watching it on our  little DVD player at the flat, but it doesn’t work. Oh well! Guess what I just did about half an hour ago? I just posted a box back home to y’all! I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, even before I decided to send my iPod home for reboot.  It’s got one of my American suits in it, and some collectible tidbits I thought you’d all enjoy! Should be there in five working days, whatever that means!

 Hey, you remember Natasha? I don’t know if I mentioned this, but she came back to church last Sunday like it was nothing we (haven’t seen her for a while) and talked about meeting again so we could sort out her baptism. What?! She wants to be baptized this month on the 20th.  She’s remembered the lessons we taught her and is ready.  So that was something pretty cool that I somehow forgot to mention last Monday.

Two cool miracles to share with you guys from this week. Wednesday eve we had an appointment with a lady we met in the town center the other day. We went to her house but no one was home. Bummer. We knocked a few doors and her next door neighbor opened the door and we struck up a good conversation.  We talked about Christmas and eternal families with us.  We’ll be seeing her tomorrow!

Almost the same thing happened on Saturday! We knocked on a person’s door for an appointment, and again she wasn’t there. The next door down, the man invited us in and proceeded to tell us all about how he got baptized 30 years ago but had a really hard time with the word of wisdom and eventually fell away. He’s still so proud to say he’s a Mormon though, and he loves us and what we do! We’ll be going over there regularly to reteach him and his partner about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! These two are sweet people and have really big potential, I can feel it!

 I know that they are the reason we were brought to each of their streets those days! It was so amazing to learn in such a clear and simple way that God will direct our paths to where we need to be, so long as we seek Him. Our initial expectations and plans for our days never go exactly as planned, but the Spirit will make sure we’re exactly where He planned. I’m so grateful for that.

 Well, that’s my e-mail for this week. I love you all; and Mum, the blue is most definitely sky over here right now!

Love, Elder Packer

Ward Christmas party! Our investigator, Liza, has two daughters, London and Paris. They call me Go-Go, or Big Brother!


-Brother Boyson is the nicest guy around! He takes us to a carvery breakfast once a month! Friend him on facebook! David A. Boyson



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