Be Thou Humble

Dear Familia,

 No worries, my flat didn’t burn down on me, it’s all good here Grandma and Grandpa! And thankfully, we figured out how to use these British heaters, so it won’t freeze either! Thank you for figuring out the Skype account and facetime stuff already, I was wondering how I was going to do that! Elder Patterson and I still have to talk to the Pettman’s about what time we will skype, but I’ll make sure it’ll be at a good time when you will be awake, then I’ll let you know next Monday exactly what time I’ll be calling.

We had kind of a funny week, we came across a lot of people who have managed to convince themselves of some crazy things through pride in their own intellect and “higher thinking”. There was a man who had a theory that Christ was actually a Roman deity constructed to pacify the Jews so they could be conquered. There was a man who claimed that his halucinogenic drugs gave him visions and spirituality like the prophets, and that must be what the prophets did in order to see God. And there was a final man who at one point was an active latter-day saint been through the temple, but had taken the idea of finding the truth for ourselves to the level of doubting absolutely everything anyone told him and trying to disprove it in his mind. Satan has many yarns to spin, and those who deny what truth they have will lose it, until they lose the ability to understand simple truths completely and in some cases even cease to think rationally. It reminded me of a series of videos on; Patterns of Light. Elder Bednar talks about the Light of Christ helping us know right from wrong, and he talks about personal revelation.

You can watch this on Youtube Search: Patterns of light: the light of Christ


These men that I ran into this week were all nice enough and willing to respect my beliefs, but they were so proud of the unique and complex conclusion they had thought up. I could almost see the words running around this one guy’s mind: “I am a great thinker. I am on a higher plane of thought than most other human beings.” The ex-latter-day saint kept repeating, sometimes to no one but himself, “It’s just my path…” Although he described two powerful experiences with the Holy Ghost from the time of his activity in the Church, he had denied the truth he’d received until even that was taken from him. It’s true, we are all individual and unique, but no matter who we are, we can’t change our divine parentage, nor the fact that our Heavenly Father wants us all to wind up in the same place: with him. Without the aid of his Saviour, with only his own intellect to rely on, he concocted a theory of his own to believe in that had less proof and validity than what he’d started out with.

It’s a good lesson I won’t soon forget. Humility keeps us on the straight and narrow path.

 On another note, Natasha’s getting baptized this Sunday! I know I said that a couple months ago, but this time it’s actually happening! And I can’t wait!

 I love every single one of you, and I’m so excited to see you guys on Christmas Day! I love you, and the blue is very sky today!

Love, Elder Packer

P.S. Make sure grandpa is there when I call on Christmas.


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