And I Will Cause Your Bosom to Burn, (and Your Tummy to Grumble…)

Hi guys,

Haha, I’m so jealous of all the skiing you guys are getting over there! I love seeing everything that’s going on at the homestead, it can be so funny! Just in case anyone’s feeling curious, snowboarding is also pretty fun to try out…just sayin’. ūüėČ

This week has been cold! And the cold isn’t as much fun without snow to go with it, or skis on your feet. But hey, the Spirit of God like a fire is burning, if only it would burn in the tips of my nose and my toes as well! Well, I’ve only got a few things to talk about today, the first being the family with the flickering light. They are from Angola, and we were able to go back and teach the mother about the Restoration, but the father worked nights, so he was asleep. It was a really great lesson, I could feel the Spirit working through us. We also found out that they were leaving back to Angola this Saturday, so we set a last appointment to come back and teach them about the Plan of Salvation. ¬†So we went back on Thursday. ¬†They still really want to learn more about the Book of Mormon and stuff, so we wrote down their contact information¬†in Angola and later we sent it to the office, who will forward the referral to the Angolan mission. I’m glad that they accepted the gospel so well, I’m very excited for them. I just wish they would have stayed here so we could’ve seen it!

Haha, there was one day this week when probably 6 different people started cussing and having a go at either us or the Church. It hasn’t been bad at all for any other day this week, it just all got crammed into one day. But it’s whatever. Nothin’ like a bit of good ol’ persecution, huh?

On another note, I have a personal testimony that oftentimes the Spirit works through the stomach. I think it was the same day as all the cussing, Elder De Beer saw a sign in a chip shop that read: ¬£1 cone chips. We were a little fed up with people at this point, I’ll admit, and he was like, “You know what, Elder Packer? I’m gonna get myself some chips! Let’s go!” So we went in and ordered a cone of chips, and he and the store-owner really hit it off because his ex-wife was from South Africa. He invited us into the restaurant part at the rear of the shop and gave us some free sausages as well as coke and some fruit to snack on. “Jesus people need to be fed!” Hahaha, yes they do sir. Yes they do!

We were also planning on going to see a less-active lady on the ward list later another day. We were on our way to the flat for lunch first, but then Elder De Beer had the thought, “Order Take-away=No Dishes!” He told me this, and I immediately thought, “Now is my chance to try this famous McRib that I’ve heard of!” We went to McDonald’s and were standing outside debating if it was worth gaining another kilo, when a lady walks up and says, “Elders, can I buy you lunch?” Guess who it was? It was the less-active sister we were going to try and go see later that day! Pay attention to your belly– it may be more in tune to the Spirit than you are!

Well, that’s all folks! I should have some more pictures to send next week, we’re going to tour the Castle today! I love you all and the blue is sky!

 Love, Elder Packer


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