The First Epistle of Jace to Idaho


Greetings, my beloved brethren and sistren. It gladdens my heart to hear word of thy righteousness. Yea, even my soul doth sing the praise of joy at the knowledge that thou art true to the faith of thy fathers. Behold, I would that ye should retain thy faith, yea, even thy faith in Jesus Christ, who surely is the Messiah. And when grey skies doth cover the heavens and thy knee is split open from the persecutions of the world, I say unto thee now is the time to cling fast to the rod; verily, even the iron rod of which Lehi of old spake. Therein shalt thou find the strength to endure to the end.

And blessed art those who shall endure to the end! For theirs is the kingdom of God.

And now, my friends and kinsmen, I would speak unto thee concerning the work of salvation which takes root in this the land of our fore-fathers. For behold, it came to pass that my mother hath written the thoughts of my heart in her epistle. For surely the children of men must have multiple opportunity to come to the gospel, for so doth the Lord in His mercy work. And verily, we have mused from time to time that it taketh seven times of hearing the voice of the servants of the Lord to soften their hearts that they give room for the seed of faith to be planted. Nevertheless, we do strive to touch all whom the Lord bringeth into our path; for whether we be the first or the fifth time, no effort shall be wasted, and we have this hope: that those who do deny us at this time shall receive the Master’s servants at a future time.


And now I return to my account of my visit to the Colchester Castle, for surely thou shalt wonder at the fun we hath had. Behold, it came to pass that I and my brothers, Elder deBeer, Elder Berenguer, and Elder Bright, did go up unto the fortress of old with the sisters. And it came to pass that we arrived at the time of the commencement of a tour of the Roman tunnels beneath and the roof above. And yea, great was our joy thereof, for we did behold all parts of the castle, and we did ask the tour guide many questions, insomuch that we did find favor in her eyes, for she perceived that we were earnest in our search for knowledge. And behold, we did also discover the wonders of the rooftop of the castle. And when it came to pass that the tour came to an end, behold, we did look through the many exhibits and information plaques that filled the establishment.

Behold, we did try on the many costumes that were provided, even for such a purpose, and we did learn much of the history of the area around Clochester, and great was our joy therein. And now, my beloved brethren and sistren, I bring my epistle to an end, for I have thus spoken the words of my heart. And I would that ye should give heed to my words and know the truth of mine adventures, for verily to this end did I write unto thee. And I leave thee with the words that the Spirit constraineth me to speak unto thine heart. Behold, trust in the Lord, and he shall not suffer that thou wilt perish. Yeah, trust in Him and counsel with Him in all thy doings, for surely His ears are open to thee, and surely His counsel is good. Doubt not, fear not, He will deliver thee according to the faith. I am Elder Packer, and I remain a humble servant of the Lord. God be with thee, until we shall write once more. AmenSAM_0589



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