Happy Transfer Day!

Dear family,

Today I will start out by answering some questions, the first of which is, I am staying here in Colchester. We already pretty much knew that, but now it’s for sure. And Elder De Beer is going to Kettering to be with Elder Hutchins, my trainer’s trainer’s trainer, otherwise known as my great-grandfather. My new companion will be Elder Hou, from China, which is pretty cool because I kinda know him a little from the Canterbury zone! He’s a really good cook.

You also wanted to get a better picture of my friend Elder De Beer, so here he is: He is now 18 months out and he is a true-blue patriotic Afrikaans man. There is never a middle ground with this guy. I kid you not, literally everyday is either the best or worst day of his life! That’s also what makes him such a valiant servant to the Lord, though. As a district leader, he puts everything into his calling, and really cares about each of his missionaries. One thing he doesn’t have a problem with is self-confidence, haha, and I find it my solemn responsibility to (gently) deflate his head so it doesn’t get too big! Haha, but at the end of the day it’s just how his sense of humor is. I’m going to miss hearing him from the bathroom mirror saying, “I look SO good today? Elder Packer, tell me, why do I always look so good?!” Truly, you are a saint Elder De Beer.

Our ten promising contacts that we found last week? It’s slow work to catch them in when they’re home, but there are a couple families that we are trying to set up regular appointments with them. It’s a work in progress.

I have been praying for the last couple weeks that you guys could have missionary opportunities placed in your path! It’s not always properly understood by the members of the church, but when they say “every member a missionary” they don’t mean that you have to teach people everything yourself; that’s the full-time missionaries’ job. Your job as members is to FIND people for them to teach! Mum, you called me one of the big guns.  A “big gun” is no fun without a target to shoot at!

I forgot where Ashlee and Kennadee and Berkeley are going for their missions, could you remind me? I’m so excited for them, they’ll be great! I hope the Valentines Dance is fun, for Mom, Dad, and Jessica. (Not too much fun, Jessica, I’ve been hearing too much of this Jaxon guy! And Benson you are too young for this dance, so don’t even think of it!)

I haven’t thrown that jumper (Christmas Sweater you crocheted) away, that thing is awesome! It’s sleeves are way too big and it’s bulky as heck, but I’m keeping that thing till the day I die! I can’t wait to get your letter, and I especially can’t wait to taste the nectar of the god’s (lemonade) once again from your package! I love you, and the blue is sky!  Per high demand I have decided to send you all some photos for Valentines Week, so I shall add them on now.

You are all my Valentines this week!

Love, Elder Jace Packer

Snow in Colchester

Snow in Colchester

Snow - It didn't last long

Snow – It didn’t last long



The location of this photo speaks for itself.

The location of this photo speaks for itself.


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