A Day in England

Well, it’s been a good week! To begin with, yes mother, I know how you feel when people don’t come to church, haha. ALL THE TIME! But hey, eventually they will. This week we actually saw a bit of a miracle! We had an appointment with Tilly, a Uni student here, and she didn’t confirm our appointment until a half hour before. BUT she asked us if it would be alright if she brought a friend with her. Of course you can!! So we wound up teaching Tilly and her co-worker, Ian, all about the Restoration. It was a great lesson, and I think they’re really sincere! I say I think that because Tilly took about 4 pages of notes throughout the whole thing, which was different but awesome. And man, when we had Ian read the invitation found at the bottom two paragraphs of the Introduction to the Book of Mormon, I watched his face and saw it hit him! He just looked up at me and said, “Whoa. That’s powerful, man. It’s not saying it’s true because it just is, it’s saying it’s true and you can discover it!”

Yes, that is exactly what it’s saying.

So now they are on date to be baptized on the 22 of March! As a bit of a clarifier, when we put somebody “on date”, it means we’ve extended a potential baptismal date to them, and if by that time they know our message to be true and desire to follow the Savior’s example, they will be baptized on that date. That way they (and we) have a goal to work towards.

On the subject of Elder Hou, I thought I included this last time, sorry.  He is from mainland China. Chengdu, specifically. They have members and branches there, but no missionaries yet. The members who live there are the only way to spread the gospel in there so far, so he had to fly to Hong Kong to formally receive all the missionary lessons from the missionaries there and then be baptized.

And now, by popular demand, A Day in the Life of Elder Packer.

Saturday 21st

6am-Roll myself across the room to turn the alarm off.

6:12-Actually get up and put exercise clothes on.

6:15-Elder Hou and I go down to the bottom of the building to the gym. We’re pretty lucky to have a gym in our flat!

6:45-Go back up to flat. Elder Hou starts preparing breakfast and I get in the shower. (Elder Hou showers at night.)

7:15ish-Eat breakfast whilst dressing and getting ready for the day.

7:30-Elder Hou starts studying for his English exam he’s taking this Saturday so he can study in America after the mish.

8-I begin my studies.

9-Companionship studies. We discuss what we studied, call people if we need to confirm appointments for the day and stuff.

9:30-The zone leaders pick us up and give us a lift to the Fosters for a service project. It begins with them feeding us another breakfast! And then we head to the primary school with the YSA to prepare garden boxes for the students to grow stuff in.

2/2:30-The project goes a couple hours over what we plan for, but that’s fine, we didn’t have any appointments. So we head into and around the town center to OYM (Open Your Mouth), also known as Finding. Today we have a couple good conversations, but they’re not interested.

5-Elder Hou cooks dinner. Don’t ask me what it is or how he does it. It’s Chinese and it’s good, that’s all that matters in my life.

6-We take the bus to visit Collin, an inactive man who has gone back to the Catholic church. We’ve been working with him and have discovered that deep down he really does miss the LDS church, but the Catholic church is familiar to him, and he’s afraid to let go. But we’ll help him little by little.

7:15ish-We take the opportunity to do a little tracting around Collin’s area with the time we have left. No luck today.

8ish-Take the bus back to town. Talk with a nice Jewish man on the bus about religion and our beliefs. Unfortunately, he can’t be bothered to think about these questions like “where am I going after this life” and “why am I  here”. Oh well. It passed the time on the bus at least.


9:30-Get ready for bed and chill until it’s bedtime.

My days aren’t always like this, but that’s a pretty good idea for ya!  I love you guys and think of you everyday!

Elder Packer

p.s. the blue is actually sky today! What are the chances?


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