The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Dear Fam,

Wow, that’s quite a lot of news for one week! First and foremost of all, keep me updated on those 2015 mission calls, those are exciting!

Second, what a story for you, Benson! That’s a real bummer to miss out on the whole season, but at least the coach knows how hard you were working to get there. Don’t give up on baseball, buddy. Just stick around and do what you can for the team. Coach will notice! And don’t forget to enjoy the perks of a broken arm! šŸ˜‰ It’s only as unpleasant as you make it. (And if you don’t get at least 50% more female attention than before, I will be disappointed for you.)

I’m glad you finally chose where you want to go to college, Jessica! And I don’t even mind that it’s not BYU!

I’m really sorry to hear about Dee Whittier. I’ll be praying for him and his family this week until I hear more. This means you MUST update me next week!

As for the goings-on over here in England, it hasn’t been too bad this week. We only had Tilly’s number to get a hold of her and Ian, and she had to cancel our appointment on Tuesday because of a big final exam she forgot to do until the last minute. (I can totally sympathize.) Unfortunately, they weren’t available to reschedule until thisĀ coming week. One of our less solid investigators dropped us this week. He’s a born-again christian who believes very strongly in the Trinity and in lip confessions only. As missionaries, our role is to educate and invite. Encourage and motivate. But that is all we can do. Elder Hou and I satisfied ourselves in the knowledge that we have done all that we could , and the hope that perhaps he will change in the future and believe in personal revelation, repentance, etc.

We went for a Holiday on the weekend! Haha, not really, but it kind of felt like it to me! We had to travel up to Norwich so Elder Hou could take a very important English exam that will enable him to study in America after his mission, if he passed. So it probably didn’t feel much like a vacation to him, as he was a bit nervous. Norwich was absolutely beautiful, though! I managed to take a few pics, but not nearly as many as I’d have liked to and some didn’t turn out well. The exam lasted from about 9am to 4ish in the afternoon, so I had a loooong wait. Fortunately, the Norwich elders came and took me to play sports with them and some members for a couple hours, so I wasn’t sitting around the whole time. But I did have to do quite a bit of waiting. I would have liked to have gotten into a conversation with someone else waiting around, but there weren’t many, and I swear, all of them were Chinese. A conversation would not only have been awkward, but very difficult as well, so I cracked open ye olde Book of Mormon and read from where I left off. We’ve been reading the Book of Mormon as a mission and right about now we should be beginning Helaman. I went a little ahead and should finish Moroni tomorrow.

Answers to questions:

— Yes mom, I did get your letters in the mail! They are currently on my desk with some others IĀ receivedĀ from members of the ward, bless them.Ā And if I remember correctly Mother, YOU were the one who introduced the idea of acupuncture to ME on Grandpa’s recommendations. Ā So ya right – Good times, not.

— I got an e-mail from Graham’s mom saying that I should be getting something in the mail soon, but that was a while ago, and I haven’t received it yet. I hope it’ll come soon, especially if it’s a picture book!

— Right now I can’t think of anything I need, except still waiting for the Countrytime. Ā I know of no greater joy than a cold lemonade after a long hot day’s work! I’ll write it down over the next week if I think of anything else. Today the sky is blue, and yes, I still love you!

Love, Ā Elder Packer (the young one, not the Apostle)

1) Sometimes my day ends like this. It’s more relaxing than it looks!

2)Not sure how much you can see, but that’s me and Norwich Castle!




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