Happy, Happy, Happy!

Dear Family,

I have titled my e-mail this week with a quote from my favorite Duck Dynasty character, Uncle Si,  because I received a big, yellow package with all my favorite things inside! Funny quotes, Country Time lemonade mix, awesome T-shirts and a lot of Twix’s!  These are a few of my favorite things! Except the flyswatters, that was random, but hey, why not? I gotta tell ya, I was grinning from ear to ear after zone conference this Thursday! Not only was it a great meeting full of the Spirit, but I also got the happy box from Idaho AND I got to catch up with my companion from the MTC! He’s training a Ukrainian currently! Elder Nielson, what a guy. 


Three-way selfie with Elder Neilson and Elder Isaaksen, both from my group. Champs!

I so love my Country Time. I shall be brewing the nectar of the god's this P-day, that's for dang sure!

I so love my Country Time. I shall be brewing the nectar of the god’s this P-day, that’s for dang sure!

But speaking of my companions, Elder Hou is also a great guy! In answer to some questions, he’s been a convert for about 4 years now. His mum’s friend was a member and just invited him to church one day. She’d been converted when she visited the U.S. for business, then came back as a member. That’s the biggest way the gospel is getting in there right now. Anybody’s totally free to leave China for business, vacation, etc…and now for a mission! The Universities here in England are swarming with Chinese people who left to get some Western education, and from the sounds of it the government doesn’t care. There are some places out in China that aren’t as technologically advanced, but not in his city. The cities are big, modern, and crowded! Chengdu apparently has around 20 million people in it! A city of 20 million!  So yeah, he’s used to modern stuff. And lastly, he is very good at English now, it’s not very difficult at all to converse. It is funny sometimes to listen to him because his grammar could use some work, but you can always understand the message he’s saying. Probably the gift of tongues or something.


Elder Hou teaching me how to make Chinese pancakes! So. Good.


I came out of the toilet the other day and couldn’t find Elder Hou. I walked around the whole flat and didn’t find him. So I got out my camera and opened the closet door. This is what I found.

I’ve kept Dee and his family in my prayers this week, and I’m glad to hear all about the funeral. I guess God Dee-cided Dee’s final exams were done. Passed! I was quite bewildered and amused to hear that everyone was pulling out the Dee-isms during the funeral! I was not expecting that, but as I think about it, that was such a perfect way to remember him!

I don’t really know what happened this week, but probably 4-5 of our investigators DROPPED us! What?  So that happened. Fortunately we’ve still got a few who are still meeting with us. We don’t know what it was, but for some reason, they all decided they were done this week! It makes you a little sad inside, but I can’t blame them. They don’t know exactly what they’re refusing. I feel sad because I do know! But there’s no more we can do than what we’ve already done, so I’m satisfied in my work at least. On the bright side, we’ve got a much clearer schedule for future investigators to fill up! For example, yesterday in town I started a conversation with a mum and her 6 yr-old. She was a lovely lady with a lovely family. Turns out, family is very important to her, and she does want her kids to grow up with good, Christian values. She absolutely loved it when Elder Hou played a game with her little boy that also taught a principle of the Gospel! She was so excited for us to come over on Tuesday, she almost wouldn’t stop texting us last night, haha! The Lord works in mysterious ways, that’s for sure!


When we went to Norwich the other week, we were walking around the University and saw rabbits. There were like, 50 bunny rabbits just roamin’ around campus! Why were they there? Nobody knows.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Elder Judy, the Southwick’s friend.   You already heard probably, but he’s my zone leader now. He’s a great guy. I’ll get a picture with him or something so you guys can see! He plays the piano really well! It makes me wish I’d taken piano more seriously.  Don’t quote me on that last part, or I’ll never hear the end of it, Mum and Dad!

Well, I think I’m out of stuff, so the rest shall all be pictures. 

Take care, familia! From the land of rubbish, trousers, Innit Mate?, and all those other things we don’t say in America, I love you! 


The Little Book of Wrong Shui has found it’s rightful place once again….the Throne!

Love,  Elder Packer


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