“lord I Believe, Help Thou Mine Unbelief”

I haven’t taken as many pictures as I should’ve, but I have taken some beauties lately.


P-day in Chelmsford. Elder Hou and I couldn’t cross this bridge without documentation. Darling!


We had to take pictures of the flat and send them to the office so they can see that we cleaned them. We gave them this.


Elder Judy took a nap on the ride back home to Colchester, hehehe!

Happy Birthday Dad!
And hello to the rest of my familia grande!
Plus also Tom Fischetti who apparently visited the homestead this week. You’re the best!

To begin with, I need to admit, I haven’t been doing the best at taking a picture every day. Whoops! But thankfully, repentance is real and enables us to change, so hopefully I’ll do better in the future! 😀
I love hearing how everyone is doing back at home, the sports, the parties, and everything else! I also LOVED hearing more about your missionary excitement this week! You never know just what the Lord has in store if you open your mouth to share the gospel, but in a quirky way, it always works out! And that was quirky! (Keep calm and carry on sharing!)

A little update on our investigators this week, the lovely Mum I spoke of last week still hasn’t met with us as she’s been quite busy helping her brother with his newborn, but we’re still working on her! The rest of our investigators are all non-British at the moment. About half of them are university students here from Africa or China, but it’s pretty cool! We had a lesson the other day with a guy called Wang Zuo Yue, (I call him Andy), and almost the whole lesson was in Chinese! I actually managed to follow along where we were, pretty well from Elder Hou’s hand gestures and the questions Wang occasionally asked me in English. That was cool! And we finally got an investigator to church!!! I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but we REALLY struggle getting our investigators to come to church. Even if they initially commit. But Wang came to church with us yesterday and he seemed to like it! Hopefully we’ll get even more to come now!

I’m going to share one of my favorite things that happened this week, because it was very powerful. When Elder De Beer was still here, we met a less-active woman named Sister Moss who was in a very low place. She has a nerve disorder in her face that causes random attacks of terrible pain. Some are smaller attacks, and some are worse. It’s very degrading on her and wears her out. We were meeting with her to find out more about her situation, and were hoping to give her a priesthood blessing. Then one day she didn’t turn up for an appointment and she didn’t answer her phone. There was nothing left we could do, so we just hoped she’d be alright. Then on this last Saturday, Elder Hou and I were out street contacting, and while I was having a discussion with someone, he unknowingly stopped Sister Moss! When I finished my conversation, I found him bearing his testimony to her of the power of Christ. We discovered that she’d pushed us away before because she didn’t think she could be helped. Her self-esteem had been battered and thrashed by the devils in her mind. She believed in miracles, but not for herself. I explained to her how faith works, by relating the story of the man who cried, “Lord I believe, help thou mine unbelief.” Elder Hou testified to her again of the power and hope she can have, and made her promise to be at church on Sunday. She came, and had a great experience there! .

I love you, and the blue is getting gradually skyer as March progresses!
Elder Packer

P.S. Sorry for the delay in the e-mail, the computer I was on shut down on me, so I had to wait til later on to finish at the chapel!


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