Rollin’ Stone

Aloha Ohana!

Yup, those pictures of the Hawaiian sunset didn’t make me jealous at all. Not even attractive. At all. That week must have been the worst! …ya I’m a bit jealous.

But Colchester was a great place to be this week as well! I’ve really felt your prayers for us here, I feel like things are starting to roll forward now. They say the Gospel shall roll forth like a stone cut out of the mountain without hands, and while it may not look like it’s rollin’ as fast as other places like South America and whatnot, it’s rollin’ nevertheless! Yesterday we had four investigators at church! That’s the most we’ve had for our companionship all year! And these people are really good. Our Chinese investigator, Robert, came and loved it, although I’m not sure just how much he actually understood. But he felt the Spirit, and he’s so excited about the gospel! It’s cool to see him starting from square one. He knew absolutely nothing about Jesus Christ or faith or anything, but he’s so humble and teachable that it doesn’t take long for the Holy Ghost to make the connections for him. I can’t describe that awesome feeling you get when the light clicks on in somebody’s mind– because you can see it on their face! The other three people at church were the Clarkston family; Leigh, Margaret (a less-active woman, so she’s not an investigator), their daughter Hannah and her boyfriend Callum. They have been meeting missionaries for years, and it’s been slow progress, but they finally want to come to church every Sunday now! We have to take it slowly and easily with them, because Leigh doesn’t like to feel like he’s being pushed at all, but I love that about him. When he finally decides to be baptized, he won’t leave, because he’ll have thought everything out so thoroughly and he STICKS to his decisions.

This week we had zone meeting, and our zone leaders introduced us to the new church Easter Initiative! You’ve probably heard all about it by now, it’s exactly like the He Is The Gift Initiative at Christmas. The movie is awesome, and we got cool little pass-along cards to hand out. #BecauseHeLives

Speaking of zone meeting, we got a new zone leader, and he’s my grandpa! Elder Adriano, from Lisbon, Portugal, trained my father, Elder Leite, so we’ve been having fun with that.

As a missionary, I would be remiss if I neglected to talk about the Super Bowl. Actually, it’s General Conference, but it feels like the Super Bowl! OH I’m so stoked! We have to watch it at weird times to see it live over here, so when you sit down in your PJs to watch the Saturday morning session with your traditional cinnamon rolls, I shall be watching it at 5pm either at the chapel with some investigators/less-actives, or at a member’s home. We’re buying popcorn and sweets either way, so the preparation is still kinda similar to the Super Bowl! And I shall be brewing a big bottle of Country Time, (a delicacy from my Tribe), to please the locals.

But seriously, I cannot wait to hear what the Prophet and Apostles have to say this Sunday! Watch and listen, because they’re going to say something that will connect with you if your ready.  Personal revelation that you can know is truth because you will feel it through the Spirit! I have never known (felt in my heart so well  in my life that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that our apostles and prophet continue speak to us today! Just go read D&C 1:27-28 to see why I’m so excited.

This is going to be a great week; the Lord is at work!

I love you and the blue is sky.

Love, Elder Packer


Me with a background of where I’m at. This is close to Essex University.


How I dry my sheets here. Thought I’d share this for no reason.


The view from my flat window.


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