Stuffs Goin’ Down!

Greetings my brethren and sistren and fathren and mothren,

There’s a lot that’s happened this past week to report on!

First, we happened to get a Marvelous Work and a Wonderful tool this week that is going to really hasten the work. iPads. And yes, I knew they were coming for a couple weeks now, but unfortunately it slipped my mind to tell you. >:D >:D >:D

SAM_0926 SAM_0927

Second, We went to the zoo for P-day last Monday, and it was the BOMB! I fed an elephant and a girrafe, selfie’d with a goat, read the Book of Mormon to my momma kangaroo, and also became a perch for tropical birds of paradise as they ate out of my hand! What?! It was pretty sweet, not gonna lie. I took a billion pictures, and I just realized how much room I have left on my SD card. I’m gonna have to rethink my plan to just send it home when it’s full and use my spare one. That would take forever! I’m just going to transfer it all to a USB and mail it back to y’all when I get the time.

P.S. There’s a good picture of Elder Judy in there, try and get it to his family please. I’m very proud of that one!

SAM_0917 SAM_0902 SAM_0877 SAM_0874 SAM_0868 SAM_0862 SAM_0854

Elder Hou has some awesome pictures of the two of us there, but he left his camera back at the flat so he’ll have to e-mail them to me next week.  Why will he have to e-mail them to me next week instead of me just taking them off his camera, you say? Because we won’t be teaching together anymore after tomorrow! Transfer calls came last night, and we couldn’t believe what they told us! Because the number of elders leaving in this transfer is greater than the number coming in, some areas have to be closed until we get more, and unfortunately, ours was one of them. So the zone leaders are moving into our flat, because it’s nicer, and thankfully, they’ll just take over our investigators and area book. So at least everyone will be looked after. I’m gonna miss a good number of people here, but it’s ok, I have their e-mails and facebook, so I can stay in touch with them!


But where are we going?!  Well, Elder Hou is going to serve up in Cambridge, and I am sure going to miss this guy! We’ve had our ups and downs, but we haven’t had a problem that we haven’t been able to sort out together! He’s really taught me a lot in these last three months. This guy knows what he’s doing! I am going to a place called Grays to be the new district leader there! I don’t know much about it yet, I know what zone it’s in, so I have a general idea. It’s just 20 miles outside London, and we’ll cover the Grays ward in the Romford England Stake, but that’s about all I know. Oh well, I guess I’ll find out! Another P.S. If anyone reading this has any good tips like, “How to be a DL for Dummies”, e-mail me PRONTO! I can’t wait to see what miracles are waiting for me there! The only thing I’m really worried about now is my luggage. It’s going to be a lot harder to navigate the trains and the tube with BOTH our luggage instead of just one companion’s. Tomorrow’s going to be an adventure for sure! 😀

To answer some questions… Yes, I am learning to drive now.  It’s different, for sure, but not too bad.  Once you get past driving on the left side of the road it’s more or less the same, plus the over-use of roundabouts.  I currently have just a provisional license, which is kinda like a learner’s permit.  When I get time, I study a bit for when I’ll take my driving test here, it’s supposed to be really strict.

The Princess Question… I believe I have heard something about the new baby princess but we’re not too up-to-date with the news.  But as far as the royal family is concerned, most people I have met either don’t give a rat’s fart (to quote my buddy Ronald Weasley), or they just really don’t like them!  Hahaha

Well, I think that about covers things for this week. It’s been a bit wild with all the new stuff goin’ down, but it’s exciting stuff as well! Can’t wait to see you guys on Sunday!  Oh ya, that reminds me, since I’m on my way to a new area, I don’t know what time on Sunday I’ll be Skyping you, but as soon as I find out I’ll just send you a quick e-mail, ok?

I love you, and the sky is on and off being blue and then drizzly, so you just enjoy the good parts and the bad. They’ll all be good memories some day!

Love,  Elder Packer

Extra Pictures from my second area, Colchester:


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