Happy Mother’s Day


Well, that was a grand adventure yesterday!  It was such a blast to skype home and see you all for Mother’s Day!  In my opinion, I can’t believe how fast the time went, but I was pretty satisfied with it.  What to tell you about that we didn’t talk about yesterday together?  Well, Elder Green and I have big plans for this transfer and we want to be a good example for the district.  Elder Holland will be coming to our mission!  We have a lot of less active people that the relief society president has asked us to stop by and see what’s up, so that’ll keep us up and going as well!  Right now wer’e on our way to Sasildon to play chair football with the district for a bit, this P-day, which should be awesome.  For future reference to all my peeps going on missions (especially all my siblings and cousins), P-days should be fun.  They need to be, except for very few exceptions!

I think that’s about it.  Contrary to it’s name, the sky here in Grays has actually been quite blue!

Love, Elder Packer

FullSizeRender 5 IMG_4725 IMG_4727


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