You Just Have To Ask

Hola Familia!
Wow, what a week it has been! You guys are having lots of fun from the sound of it! Loved the pics from Mamma Mia and Jecamecima down in the old Mexico City with Grandpapa and Grandmama!

Before I get to the good part of this last week, I just gotta tell you a funny story. This morning I got my haircut in town, and on our way in, we saw a couple guys eating “Chinese Food” just outside. (I won’t tell you the story of how we made the code name “Chinese food” for Weed, it just happened.) But we sat there waiting for my turn to get my haircut, when those same guys all come in and take off their jackets to show that they work there, and long story short, I had my hair cut by a guy who was high in the sky. I feel like I’ve got “Chinese food” all up in my hair!

Ok, now for the good part of the week. JK, I have to start with the bad part so it sounds more awesome! This week Elder Green and I really wanted to hit it hard, but for some reason it was just super difficult! We struggled to even get a lesson! By Thursday, we had only taught one less-active member, just to show you how bad it was. We talked to so many people, but no one even wanted to listen a little bit. Now for the good part. Thursday morning we set a goal to have 2 new investigators by the end of Friday. We prayerfully worked where we felt we should go, but we found no one. Then on Friday evening, we decided to walk back to the flat instead of take the bus. We saw a woman approach and I asked her if she’d like to come to church with us on Sunday. “Church? Yes, of course! I have been looking for a church to go to!” She and her 9-yr old son came to church and we taught them the Restoration! And then, right as we walked out of their lesson, the bishop walked up and introduced us to a young man named Hector who had just walked into the chapel because he’d been unable to attend his own denominational church in London yesterday. We got to know him a bit and taught him a more condensed version of the Restoration as well! We now have 3 solid new investigators to work with when before we’d had pretty much none! The Lord has his own timetable, and he is definitely in control! We’re hoping to commit all of them to baptism this week!

Mucho amor from tù hermano en Inglãnd!
Elder Packer


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