Grays District Starting Lineup 5/26/15

Dear Fellow Americans,

It’s nice to have a companion that you can geek out with. When you’re out tracting and it begins to drizzle as it is prone to do in these parts, you can either complain that you’re getting wet, or you can discuss how many battles in Alma probably took place in the rain like this. And how awesome the Nephite warriors probably looked. And how I really need a sword… Fun things like that!

Hahaha, I love the movies I got from you guys! Especially the one with all da boyz, even though I’m not sure what was going on, it looked pretty thug!😅 I’m going to have to see if our 3 minute long movie will send to you guys. I won’t tell you anything about it, other than we are idiots.

Wow, I didn’t even realize it was Memorial Day today! Hey, grab me a bullet shell at Parker cemetary, will you? It’s tradition!

We had stake conference this last weekend, and it was great! The spirit was so strong, and the people in the stake are so nice. It was a bummer that our investigator Maryam  couldn’t come, though. Since conference was all the way up in Romford, we tried to get her a lift, but both of the members had to cancel, and then we found out the trains didn’t rununtil later because it’s a Sunday. But she definitely still wants to come next week and wants to be prepared so we’re taking her a Farsi Book of Mormon tonight! Pray that she’ll be able to understand what we’re trying to testify to her! Right after stake conference, I got to conduct a baptismal interview for the zone leaders’ investigator! It was my first one, and I think it went well! She is totally ready for this Saturday. I was really touched by how strong her faith in the plan of salvation is. It was easy to tell even before the interview began that she was ready. We had zone conference as well this week! And my dear trainer, Elder Leite, who is now a zone leader in Hyde Park, gave us a great training on using the scriptures in our teaching! Go dad! And one of my other favourite companions, Elder De Beer, who is a zone leader down in Ashford, (Canterbury zone!), gave a great training on using the iPads to supplement our teaching, not replace it. So I was able to see lots of old friends on Wednesday and catch up with lots of people again, which was really great!

And now, some information that I keep forgetting to include: Mia, My favorite hymn at the present moment is “Redeemer of Israel”!

The members of my district are as follows:

-Elder Green(my super blonde compañero) and Elder Packer(me)

-Elder Anderson(one of the APs last transfer who is dying this transfer)

-Elder Speiser(Elder Anderson’s greenie from Nampa, Idaho!)

-Sister Couper(from Australia, but born in Colombia) and Sister Faivakimoana(Tongan sister who was in my MTC group! Holla!)

-Elder Wright(blonde zone leader in Elder Hou’s group) and Elder Jackson(the ZL I do call-ins with, from Alabama. Roll Tide!)

-Sister Mahaffey(from the land of Adam-Ondi-Ahman, knew her back in the Colchester district) and Sister Idrizi(Greek convert who was technically born in Albania, with lots of enthusiasm!)

Well, that’s the Grays district starting lineup for you!

Oh! I thought of something you could send me!!! Remember the folders with the little laminated pictures that we used to use for Family Home Evenings? Could you guys make me a Plan of Salvation folder like that? It doesn’t need to be laminated, but I would like something that my investigators can arrange themselves and visualize.

I love all of you, and although it’s been quite drizzly lately, we do get random bursts of blue sky regularly as well! Have some fun for my sake with all the family!

Love, Elder Packer

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Grays District


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