Little Miracles Remind Us to be Diligent

Oh Hee There Family,

It seemeth to me that thou hath had a riotous week, filled with laughter and fun, yea, even all types of success and joy which cause the my heart to rejoice! Indeed, I am filled with gladness to see thee celebrating my very most favorite holiday of the year, the Shamrock Park Garage Sale!!! And also that mine sister Jessica hath finished the long journey of high school and her choir concert! 

But behold, this is not all, for it perceiveth me that Sam hath much skill in matters of the track and hath won much honour for our family! 

Alright, I can’t write like that this whole time, I’m done now.

What an amazing week it’s been! We really wanted to focus on our obedience this week,  both Elder Green and I have seen it get easier as we account to the Lord each night. The first couple nights we kind of just raked ourselves over the coals for everything in our schedule we missed or messed up, but we soon realized that repentance doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of griping to God about how disobedient we felt, our prayers turned into something like,  “I’ll focus on that tomorrow and make it better!” And the blessings have come! We’ve found many more new investigators, and somehow we’ve got an appointment with a member for every day of this coming week! This week is looking super busy, which is a beautiful sight to see! Most of our miracles this week, one might not consider “Earth-shaking” at all, but one might call them “tender mercies” from the Lord. They tell us we’re working on the right stuff, and remind us to keep being as diligent as we can!

Funny story now, especially for Jana! So Jana e-mailed me a while ago and asked if I knew a Charlotte Nichols, who lived in Essex, but there weren’t any Nichols in Colchester, so I kinda forgot about it. Then I came to Grays, and I went on a work-over with the Basildon zone leaders, where we taught a lesson with a recently returned sister missionary named… Charlotte, who later on in the month was invited to give a training at our zone meeting! What do you know, the next P-day, I get a picture on my mother’s e-mail from somebody’s Instagram, where I remember what Jana asked me a few weeks earlier. She’s the same person?! Yep. Maybe I’ll get a chance to ask her about you some other time, Jana!  That’s so cool.

As per request, I shall now describe some of my duties as a district leader. The reason district leaders are called is mostly to help their group of missionaries remain focused on their purpose and help them progress and improve the work in their areas. That’s what key indicators help with. Key indicators are the numbers that we report so we can track investigators’ progress and stuff, so Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday nights I call each companionship and they report their goals and actuals, then when I finish with all of them I call the zone leaders and report the progressing investigators, goals and plans of each companionship. We discuss what the needs of the district are and what to do to increase the effectiveness of the work. I also organize and conduct district meetings where we get together and train each other on those things we want to improve. On that subject Mother, I really do have “Dead Guy Duty” because one of the elders in the district goes home this transfer, so he’s “dying”! Which means I get to organize a “funeral service” after district meeting! Fun fun! Other than that, It’s tough, but it’s fun! 

Sorry I didn’t send any pictures last week, I tried sending a video last week, but you must not have gotten it. I’ll send you some beauties we took on the ol’ pad!

Love, Elder Packer

image1 4

Elder Green wanted to play around with the editing option, so I posedon the train!


Temple Visitor’s Center in London

image2 3

Me and Elder Greene


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