God Bless America!

José Can You See,

Man, it sounds like y’all went HARD this last week! I can’t believe you guys did all that in a few days! And Benson and Sam are still going this whole next week! Plus Scout Camp! Hahaha, and those pictures just reminded me of the best memories ever! The Fourth of July is by far one of my favorite holidays! Fortunately, I was able to celebrate it a bit on Sunday by eating at an American family’s house, and they put a spread out! Sloppy Joe’s, Chilli dogs, potato salad, fruit pizza, and my favorite of all…fresh, buttery corn on the cob! Oh, that my voice were as the trump of an angel, that I might proclaim the greatness and glory of corn on the cob!

Back with Elder Patterson for a day.  He's my Zone Commander now

Back with Elder Patterson for a day. He’s my Zone Commander now

Other than that, the only way I really celebrated was by wearing my American suit with my red, white and blue American tie I got from my family! This week has been baking hot! Wait, no, I would say it’s been more like frying hot, as that’s more wet. Heat is ok in a dry place, such as Idaho, or Johannesburg, but I feel like I jumped in a swimming pool in my proselyting clothes. The shade is the same temperature as the rest of town because of that as well! But no matter, I know how to swim, it’ll be ok. In good news that I forgot to report on a while ago, is that I passed my drivers’ theory test, so now I just need to pass my practical and I’ll be a licensed British driver! True to form, I did not study beforehand, but managed to scrape by. If I’d missed two more questions, I’d have had to do it again! Benson, Mia, Sam, and Jessica…please don’t be like me when it comes to this! Don’t procrastinate!!! It shouldn’t work! Which brings me to answer a question, the double yellow lines on the side of the road mean “no parking”. Driving’ snot that different here, they’ve just got different signs and ways of saying the same thing our signs do. But America’s system makes more sense. We did some painting for a service project and I got a pic of me wee little one at work, Elder Mthombeni.


We met President and Sister Stevens on Friday! I like’em. They went around and shook all of our hands and asked us where we are from. They’re still in a bit of shock, I think, to be starting such a huge task and calling, but it’s to be expected. Every missionary experiences similar things for their first few days/week. We’ll be having interviews with them next week. So not this week, the one after. What to say about the Stevens? He’s a cool, quiet guy, which I like about him. Sister Stevens is such a Utah Mormon lady! 😀 I can’t explain it besides saying that. You know what I mean. She seems like a fun character, so we’ll probably love her to bits. So today for P-day we went to Elder Herbertson’s house, which was huge! Elder Herbertson is an area seventy around here, and he’s Scottish, and he had a huge garden(lawn for Americans) to run around in. We started off playing capture the flag, district vs. district, and then we played volleyball and football, then we ate hot dogs and hamburgers and had a grand ol’ time! Then we had a bit of a devotional from Elder Patterson and Elder Wright, and gave each other the inspirational quote cards we made one another. I’ll include it in the pictures e-mail so you can see the majesty of the one I made!

snow white


I also saw one of Jana’s EFY friends there, Charlotte, and got to find out what the heck is going on with this Aussie I keep hearing about! That was super cool. Go Australia!

This is Jana's friend, Charlotte!  They became friends at an EFY back in the day.  She lives here in my mission.  Cool beans

This is Jana’s friend, Charlotte! They became friends at an EFY back in the day. She lives here in my mission. Cool beans

 From the sound of what the zone leaders said in the devotional, just about every companionship has been experiencing a lot of opposition lately. Something they shared that I liked was this: “Submit to what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” I think for everyone in the Romford zone, at this time we are being tested to submit to the will of the Father, and if we have faith and work like we’re on fire, the Lord will shower blessings upon us. It will take time and humility, though. But something that I’ve realized is key is figuring out how to have fun and stay happy through it, which is harder than it looks, a lot of the time. But hey, a BBQ and games doesn’t hurt too much! On a different note, I got the Plan of Salvation kit last week! I forgot to let you know last time, but I’ve been putting it to good use. We used it to teach a less active family this last week. I also loved your Lord of the Rings and Albus Dumbledore quotes, mum!  The blue is always sky here, no matter how Gray the streets are. 🙂

Love, Elder Packer


Last selfies with President and Sister Jordan. Good Times!!!



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