Goal: To Understand “Be Still and Know That I Am God”

My Fellow Americans,

It’s been a great week all around. I wish I could’ve been at Bear Lake with you, but no matter, maybe next year. And failing that, the year after that! Elder Mthombeni and I have had a pretty good week! Granted we didn’t teach many actual lessons per se, but man we worked well! And finally, after weeks on end of doing everything we know to do, one of our friends finally came to sacrament meeting! His name is M– and he really is looking for the truth. He loved Fast and Testimony meeting as well, so hopefully we’ll see him with his family next week! Unfortunately we didn’t get to talk to him about being baptized yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar that’s the plan for this week! I really hope it keeps up this week, because I really think it would help the ward to get some fresh faces in there and get everyone involved in welcoming and teaching them! Anyways, I’ll update you on how that goes next week!

So…I’ve heard something very disturbing. I have heard tell that Sam has discovered girls…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sam, you’re too young! Don’t forget, they have cooties! You don’t want that, trust me. Just go back to lacrosse and Legos and other boy stuff, ok? Ok! Whew. Crisis averted.

Now, for serious though, something I’ve been working on this week myself is a goal I named: “Be Still and Know That I Am God” I named it that because the goal is to be more still and try to listen more. Not to be confused with slowing down, but sometimes when people on the street stand around and try to argue with us, (which is often), I tend to just focus on saying what I want to say and when they don’t let me, I get irritated. So I’ve been trying to be patient, let them get out what they need to say, then take a breath and ask for help before I bear my testimony. It helps me be more in control and less irritated.

One question I’d like to answer is a topic I’d like you to study this week. You’ve probably been hounded with this already by the stake and ward leaders, so I might just be beating a dead horse, but you should study the Sabbath Day. It’s really being emphasized by the church leaders right now, and I can see things I did before the mission that didn’t really help me keep the whole day holy. Everyone should answer the question for themselves, “What more can I give on the Lord’s day?” That’s something that came to me while we were teaching a member family yesterday.

Well, you know it’s been a bit dry here in Grays as far as the work goes. But you might say I can feel a storm coming on. And the clouds are gathering in the blue sky above Grays, Essex!

Love, Elder Packer

P.S. Thank you Jessie for I Believe I Can Fly! Get your mission papers done fast, I’m getting antsy to know where and when you’re going!

pps. The picture is a huge biker gang that drove by the other day. What?! In England?

SAM_1061This is our zone: Elders Wright and Tonks, Elders Fanga and Bender, Elders Tinao and Auras, Elders Spicer and Skinner and us, Elders Packer and Mthombeni.  Sisters Faivakimoano and Mcnamee, Sisters Nebeker and Steele, Sisters Young and Nogueira, and Sisters Schumann and Idrizi.



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