Hump Day

Dear family and friends of my, Jace Packer’s, life:

It’s weird. Surreal. And a little weird. It doesn’t feel like it’s been a whole year now, but at the same time it also does. I keep asking myself where the time has gone, but I know exactly where it went as well! A year ago today I was getting ready to enter one of the greatest places in the world- the Preston MTC! The last year has changed me so much, and I can’t wait for the changes this next year will bring! But I can’t dwell on that too much, I’ll have plenty of time to reflect next year when I go home. This week was actually kinda fun! We met a few good new investigators, which we need badly, so I’ll be able to update y’all on them later after we meet with them again. We were also able to meet with M–  again on Saturday. We had a really great lesson on praying to know that the Book of Mormon is true. I think he really gets the importance of knowing this. Unfortunately he had to work on Sunday so he wasn’t able to come to church, but he definitely wants to next week. We’re really liking him and his family!

This week we had the most hilarious experience with a Pentecostal guy! We stopped him and invited him to church, and he was willing to stop and talk. But we soon realized that although he was willing to talk, he was not willing to listen. Elder Mthombeni later explained why: this guy was from the Zulu tribe, and when a Zulu man makes his mind up about something, you can’t say anything to him about it-they won’t even hear it! So this guy would stop us after every 5 words and say pretty much exactly what we were about to say as if we were telling him the opposite. My favorite was when I tried to explain that the Bible and the Book of Mormon come from different continents, and he interrupted and told us that “God’s word is all over the world, not just in America”! He then accused me of hating the Middle East somehow. I thought Elder Mthombeni was going to bust a gut! The best part though, is when he decided he was going to prophesy for us. Turns out we’re both called to the Pentecostal ministry! Yay us! He said, “I PROMISE you, my brothas, you will not die Jehovah’s Witness!” Well, amen to that, my friend. Just kidding, this is the best part: when he prayed with us. He grabbed Elder Mthombeni’s hand and demanded to pray with us, so we were like, “sure”. He then proceeded to yell and babble in “tongues” for about 10 minutes. We tried to be respectful, but we were absolutely dying with laughter! Probably one of the funniest moments of my mission!

It sounds like Trek was the big event back home this week, I’m so glad you all had a good time! There’s actually a lot that you guys are up to that I love hearing about. Jessie’s papers getting done for her mission, plus getting ready to go to college, Mia becoming a super-hero, Benson turning 15 and deciding he wants to outgrow me, (“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”), and Sam playing some serious golf. Plus Ma and Pa, who probably cooked too well to make the Trek realistic. Man, I really love you, Packer family! (Yeah, I guess that includes the whole lot of you cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and random guys who show up to family reunions but somehow aren’t actually related). P.S. Guess what I found out? Ally’s coming home tomorrow!! I’m pretty excited for her and the Urlings! Tell her I say hi and give her a hug from me!

In other news, we spent the P-day in London today with Elder Leite and Elder Jackson! They took us around to see some of the sights and grab some pictures, it was sweet! Of course, we had to go to Pizza Hut and gorge ourselves before we could do any of that though. Elder Leite tried to beat Elder Nolan’s record of 25 pieces, but he was slain at 15. Then he felt a little too full after that! I’m currently typing up this e-mail on the train ride home, so hopefully we’ll have time to stop by the library so I can upload all the pictures from my camera. If not, I’ll definitely get them to you next week! They’re pretty sweet. You know that Tower Bridge Lego set you guys sent me for Christmas? It’s literally right where we get on and off the train station to get from Grays to London, and I never realized! I got a picture of the real thing!

Today the sky had a light grey covering of clouds all over, but turns out that’s great for picture taking! Lucky me!

I love you Mum, Dad, Jessie, Benson, Sam, Mia and all y’all!

Love,Elder Packer


Me and Big Ol’ Ben! You walk out of the tubes and it’s RIGHT THERE!


House of Parliament. Just a quick shot from across the street because we didn’t stop there.


Dweebs. All of them. Leite,

Found an unconventional picture spot! Looks pretty awesome!  Lots of iconic stuff in the background

Found an unconventional picture spot! Looks pretty awesome! Lots of iconic stuff in the background

I finally got one and it HAD to be a selfie. I can die in peace now!

I finally got one and it HAD to be a selfie. I can die in peace now!

Westminster Abbey, plus little Elders Packer and Mthombeni.

Westminster Abbey, plus little Elders Packer and Mthombeni.

We also visited the Freemasons temple

We also visited the Freemasons temple

This is the Tower of London.

This is the Tower of London.

 And this is Tower Bridge!

And this is Tower Bridge!


Dragons – My life’s quest: These guys just chill there on the footpaths all day! I KNEW they were real!!! One more piece of evidence.


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