Master Yoda’s Motto: “Do or Do Not, There is No Try”

An epistle from Elder Packer, a missionary in the Eng Land, to the Idahites,

Well, this week was a good’un. Halfway mark came and went. The only real downer I can think of for this week is that I’ve been so wet from all these baptisms that even my bones are pruned and wrinkly now! Haha, just kidding. I would love to have that problem, though! But since I can’t realistically complain about that, it looks like there’s literally no downers for the week! Yay!

And it came to pass, that there was much news from home! Looks like a BUNCH happened this week! First of all, WELCOME HOME ALLY! See you in a year’s time! Second of all, tell Grandpa I really love him, and I pray for him every night. I pray for all of you, really. I really loved the Elder’s quorum lesson this Sunday, because it was all about the elderly! Of course, I thought about my grandparents. Both on each side of my family have been a great example to me. There was a section in the manual that we read where Ezra Taft Benson listed about 8 things to do to make the most of your “golden years” and I was amazed to see Grandpa’s life reflected completely in what was being taught! It made me really appreciate him.

And it came to pass, this week we had zone conference with the Stevens, and it was pretty good. The focus was on working with the members. Something that I got from the trainings that wasn’t necessarily spoken in word, was the admonition to build the ward. We know that our duty is to help build up Zion in whatever area you go to, but sometimes we think that just means adding to the number of people who go to church by baptizing. That’s only one part though. A lot of what we do deals with reactivating less-active members, teaching, strengthening and serving those who ARE active, and just being the go-to helper to do what is needed in the ward. And I can honestly say I feel so close to this ward! It might help that there’s not a huge lot of people to get to know, but we’ve really been able to develop a wonderful relationship as fellow members of the Grays ward! I hope that as we continue to lift where we stand, that the people here will feel even more excited about sharing the gospel! Fun side note: I am now volunteering as the ward pianist while the actual ward pianist is on holiday. It’s really fun!

And then it came to pass there was an update on M–! He’s currently in Dubai. Yeah, that’s what we said. What?? (Confused looks all around.) We met with him at the train station on his way to Heathrow. We didn’t have time to get a lot of time because the trains came. Wer’e excited to pick back up with he and his family when he gets back. So that’s a bit of a bummer, but on the bright side, who remembers Dj–? That Portuguese lady who showed up at church maybe a month or more ago? We’ve been seeing her sporadically with little short visits because 1)she’s a single mum and we need an adult male with us, and 2)her English isn’t the best, so we need someone who speaks Portuguese to translate for us. Good news! This week we finally got someone! Bishop Terra came with us and we were able to teach her the Restoration properly! Bishop’s a lovely man. And she accepted an invitation to be baptized on the 30th of August! (Although we may bump it back a week so she can be baptized with her sons.) So she’s actually progressing very well, and is asking some really good, sincere questions! The Lord is blessing us for sure.

Well, I think that does it for the week, except for pictures.  Live by the wise words of Master Yoda “Do or do not. There is no try.”  Give it all you’ve got this week then put it in the Lord’s hands. And finally, it came to pass, that though the sky poured buckets this week, it became blue skies on Sunday and today! I love you!

And thus we see, I closed mine epistle.

Love, Elder Packer

Don’t know how I forgot this in the main letter, but WOW! What an awesome birthday/hump day present! I got the package in zone conference, but I waited until hump day to open it. The first thing I saw was that epic T-shirt. 20 minutes later, when I had successfully dried my tears and picked myself up off the floor, I tried it on! You guys know me too well. You almost killed me there, I hope you know that! I can’t wait to have my birthday cake on my birthday! Thank you so much! Your support has really lifted me my whole mission.

 Me, Elder Vader, and Elder Fett!


 Saw this cool cat and decided to unveil the mysteries of the kingdom to him. Pretty sure that eet eez een thee bible to preach the word to cats, somewhere…


Picture checklist: Me in an English rainstorm!


We made a quick stop at Tower Bridge again on our way to Zone Conference- this time with the Southend Elders!


2) Me in an English rainstorm– THUG Style

3) We made a quick stop at Tower Bridge again on our way to Zone Conference- this time with the Southend Elders!


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