Power of the Everyday Missionary

Hello Familio!

How did everyone enjoy the back to school week? Sounds like Benson did! ;D By the way, Benson, well done for being able to laugh it off. I would probably move if that happened to me! So anyways…

Questions to answer first: No, I actually didn’t get your Spooky House video. I meant to tell you last week, but I forgot. That’s the dumb part about this mission e-mail, if something is too big or not the specific format it needs, then it doesn’t work. :/ Otherwise y’all would have some super-dope videos that me and my companions have made. I have a USB that I got that I will put all the videos and pictures onto soon, and then send it to you! It’s on my To Do list!

Second question: My new friend/companion! So for my second son, I got…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..another South African!

His name is Elder Delate, and he’s also from Johannesburg! There are three ethnicities that I know of in South Africa. Native (Africans), Afrikaans (Dutch descent), and the english descendants. Elder Delate is of English descent, so now I’ve had all three! I pretty much just love that whole country now. There’s no way out of it, it’s inevitable– I’m taking a holiday there at least once, but probably a few times. Elder Delate is so good, too! He’s really committed to the work, and humble. Plus he’s good at cleaning! And he’s such a funny guy, we’re already really close. I think this transfer’s going to be a good one! He’s got two sisters, one older and one younger, and he rode a lion bareback to school once he got his license. 

Yesterday we got to go to London for a mission-wide conference, (hence why I am writing on Tuesday instead of Monday), and the Spirit was SO strong in there! Clayton Christiansen, the guy who wrote “The Power of the Everyday Missionary”, came with his wife to talk to us about member-missionary work. I really felt like they opened our eyes a little bit to what that even means. They talked to us about how we need to think and feel to uplift and inspire the members of our ward to have the missionary spirit. And what stood out to me the most was the statement, “You can’t convince or persuade someone into the Gospel. You love them into it.” I always respond better when I know someone genuinely cares about me, and that’s why they do what they do. Always. So inviting our friends to experience the church comes naturally and flows freely with our love– the invitation is not related to our relationship, so if they turn it down, there’s nothing lost. In fact, they may be honored that you thought enough of them to open up like that! 

This last Sunday was pretty good, even though we didn’t have any investigators at church again. I felt a bit bad, cause I threw my trainee under the bus a little bit and had him teach Elders quorum! But I’m so proud of him, he did really well and the men all enjoyed the lesson. Why did I have him do that, you may ask? Well, the Relief Society was having a bit of a conference together, so Brother Riva and I got to go take care of the nursery, while Bishop took the Primary! The Elders Quorum President was unable to teach, so the lot fell to poor Elder Delate. But he’s much more capable than I was at the beginning of my mission, so he turned out fine! And now he has a great story to write his family about! 😀

But for now, I bid you fond farewell from the blue-skies and thug streets of Grays!

love, Elder Packer

25 new missionaries and their trainers.

25 new missionaries and their trainers.

The new baby boy, Elder Delate!

The new baby boy, Elder Delate!

Elder Mthombeni’s last Tuesday in Grays we went and helped out with the Relief Society’s BBQ! They set it up in the chapel, and we were just chillin’ and grillin’ outside, when it started pouring on us! Thankfully we had an umbrella for the food. And THAT’s how we barbecue in England, haha!



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