My Sister’s Going on a Mission! … and My Poor Health Conditions

Dear Family,

TUCSON ARIZONA! That’s what I’m talking about! I’m so excited for you, Jess! Looks like you’ll be leaving just days before my 18 month mark! That is totally right for you, though. It’s hard to explain, but it just feels right. You know what I mean! #holyghostprobs

What a great time for the family! I just got really pumped reading all your e-mails! This week hasn’t been too bad over here! It didn’t even rain that much on us! Elder Delate and I are like Hans and Frans! “And we are here to PUMP…*clap*…YOU UP!”


Me and Elder Delate

He’s a golden greenie it’s not even funny. (Actually, it is rather funny, like all the time, but that’s neither here nor there.) He’s really humble and obedient, and he’s really got a testimony of the gospel. I’m currently learning and memorizing the South Afrikan national anthem under his tutelage, as I’ve decided to have my winter home there when I’m successfully rich and retired at age 30. 


Last night during call-ins, Elder Delate fell asleep in the Lay-Z-Boy. Consider this moment seized. Mia, BoBo strikes again!

Something that I’ve been noticing as I’ve been training here, is the huge importance of Preach My Gospel! That book really was inspired by God, (it was written by Apostles), and it has answered my questions time and time again! I’m glad I’m familiar enough with it to be able to direct my companion and the missionaries in my district to wherever it can help them answer their questions as well. It really feels so good to be able to help people that way! It’s probably one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most as a leader here. JESSICA, start on Chapter 4. Get to know that book inside and out. If you have a Missionary Handbook, read that too. You’ll need to be obedient to ALL the rules as a missionary. BENSON, SAM, and MIA: Preach My Gospel is not only for missionaries serving right now. It’s also for future missionaries, so make it a family study! 

Mum and Dad: Holy cow, my applications are going in again, already!?  I actually have a question about that stuff. What sort of things should I be thinking of/planning for as far as University goes? Obviously, my attention is primarily focused on what I’m doing over here, but it’s still a good idea to try and have things thought out a little bit for in a year’s time.  I’m glad your on top of it.

An update on Djamila, she hasn’t progressed a whole lot since last time, as she wasn’t at our appointment and is a bit hard to catch at home. But from what other missionaries have told me, that may just be a Portuguese thing. Hopefully I’ll have better news on that next week! But on the bright side, we’ve got a young man who said he would be baptized if he found that the church is true. His name is Reese, and he’s about 17. His Mum is so awesome and feeds us every time we go round!  We’re seeing him later today, so pray that he really feels the witness of the Holy Ghost and will come to church this week, because that is the next big step to help him get there!

Last of all is a health condition update for my mummy who seems to worry for my well-being. My feet are fine, I taped over the holes in my shoes yesterday, so they don’t even get that wet for the first few minutes of walking! I seem to have contracted a rare form of pink-eye, and the dreaded cholera has struck the camp. Fortunately, only 7 of us have died so far, though, and the medicine man says it should pass on soon! Leprosy has become a common sight among the missionaries of the land, but thankfully I’ve been frugal with my essential oils thus far, and should have enough left to survive. The food rations are quite bland and tasteless, but who can complain? On the bright side, ill elders don’t seem to have much of an appetite, so at least I have plenty to eat! The trick is keeping it away from the rats…  Love you mum – don’t worry! Me good.

Love, Elder Packer!





At Rainham train station: this is what happens when you try to lock your bike up! Ghetto!


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