Why are YOU serving?

IMG_0590Hola, los chimichangos!

This week there’s not a whole lot to update yous on. Sarah loved church again, although she had to bike 20 minutes to get there! She was huffing and puffing and pretty tired, but she still made sure she came! Next week, we’ll get her a ride that won’t fall through the day of. It’s interesting to observe people learn once they start feeling the Spirit. Alma’s words are very true, that once they give place for a portion of the word it will take hold and beginning to enlighten them and even become delicious to them! Haha, we taught her about keeping the Sabbath Day holy and the Word of Wisdom this week, but it turns out she already knew about both of those concepts, so we pretty much just made sure she understood everything, especially the WHY of everything, and then committed her to live those commandments. 

We also picked up a former investigator this week. Not one that I’d ever taught before, from the sound of things he was taught for a couple years and then dropped a bit before I got here to Grays. We came to our appointment with him, and right off the bat he started talking to us about his past lessons and his biggest struggle as an investigator: coming to church. We talked a little bit about why that was and then decided to leave that for a bit and just get to know him a bit. We asked him what it was that kept him wanting to know more for so long, and he asked us the question: “Why are YOU doing this?” I was so proud of Elder Delate as he told him his experience of asking to know the truth and then bore his testimony that he knows this is true. I followed with my own testimony as well, and Henry, (thats his name), smiled and pointed at my companion. “That is why I am interested.”

Spirit was powerful. We felt it. He felt it. Church is true. Amen!

He’s also going to be joining us in the priesthood session of general conference at the stake center in Romford, which brings us to the Superbowl! …I mean our plans for General Conference! It’s pretty much the same thing anyways, though. HOLY COW, I’m so psyched for this conference! You wanna know how we found out Richard G. Scott passed away? We wanted to show Sarah a talk from President Monson on lds.org, and what do we see? “Remembering Elder Scott”. Funny way to get the news there. I cannot wait to hear who the new apostles are going to be! I can’t wait for Henry and Sarah to watch them speak to us! We’ll probably watch the different sessions at the stake building in Romford. 

I hope you all enjoy conference this week! I’m challenging all of YOU.  I want to know ONE THING  you learned from their talks, Benson, Sam, Jessie, Mia, and Mum and Dad! (That means you have to stay awake!) >:D

So anyways, not much else to report on… Good news, I saw a dog today! And what the heck, the sky is actually blue today! I love you guys.


Elder Packer


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