Wassup?! Oh family of the Packers, I would that ye should hearken unto my words!

Just kidding, I already know. Mum and Dad told me basically every detail of what generally went on this week. And you know what one of the first things that struck me was? Benson and Sam, you got OLD! What the heck, bruvs? How am I supposed to wrestle both of you now? Ugh. Just don’t have girlfriends by the time I get back, that’s all I ask.

Well this week we had a couple of meetings that took some time. First, there was the 3-week missionary meeting now that all the greenies have been out for a few weeks. It’s supposed to be 3 weeks, but it was 4 for some reason. Dunno why. Anyways, it was fun though. Got to get some good trainings from President and mingle with some mission buddies. Then the next day we were in Ilford for our zone meeting. This one was pretty good. I shall send thee the pictoors today! 

As for General Conference, MAN! That was awesome! I’ve decided that before my mission I either wasn’t paying attention, or they just stepped things up right after I left, because I have never enjoyed conference as much as I have these last 3 times here in England! I wish I’d brought my notebook to the library today so I could share some specifics about what I liked, but alas, I did not. But I can say that one question I had was this: “How can I get MORE out of my studies?” You know, there’s a difference between reading the scriptures and studying them. I know which one I usually do. And throughout the conference, I looked out for things that I thought might help. One thing that really stood out, (I can’t even say when), was that we need to approach our scriptures sincerely and actively seek to have a spiritual experience each time. 

Sarah  came to Conference for the Saturday afternoon session, which was shown from 1-3 on Sunday afternoon here. She loved it! Every single one of the speakers! And no, you don’t even need to ask if she liked Elder Holland’s remarks. She wept. It was awesome. Brother Senior here has really taken her under his wing to help her into the gospel and answer her questions. We didn’t even know until today, but she’s actually joining him and his wife for FHE this evening! Now that’s member-missionary work! Unfortunately, Henry chose not to answer or return our calls or texts this week, and we weren’t able to go stop by his place at all, so he was not able to feel the Spirit there. We’ll try and watch one or two of the talks with him this coming week though. If we can see him.

Today I am e-mailing late because we were in London this morning! Two of our investigators, Sarah and Solany,  are really into the Bible so they invited us for a personal tour of the Bible in the British Museum and the British Library. It was way cool, and way in-depth! Basically, the tour focused on historical corroboration of things that occured mostly in the Old Testament, and we saw real stelas and wall inscriptions and cuneiform tablets that mention specific people that the Israelites came in contact with. I want to be an archeologist! I felt like I was right back when I was younger, playing with dinosaurs, dreaming of discovering ancient stuff, and playing make-believe… You know, about a year ago. 

As cool as all that historical evidence was, and as thorough as that evidence was, in the back of my mind I still kept going back to the issue of faith. When we bring up the Book of Mormon, we get “flamed” quite a bit for what the critics call “lack of scientific evidence”. While I would disagree with that, (again, I’ll probably find Zarahemla or something in a few years), it’s just not the point. When people ask for evidence, what they’re really asking for is antiquity. If something old enough says it’s true, then it must be valid. But that’s not proof. Men were just as capable of printing or engraving falsehoods back then as they are now. Even though I don’t have much “scientific evidence”, I have the witness of the Holy Ghost that tells me that the stuff that happened in the Book of Mormon was real, and that Jesus Christ did live and Atoned for us. Likewise, if all this physical antiquity that we saw today were to be disproved and done away with, it would still not matter. The Bible is the word of God just like the Book of Mormon, and the Holy Ghost can still tell us what is true in that book as well! 

I love you guys. This week is going to be really busy as well, as I will unexpectedly be doing 3 exchanges this week, but I know I will still pray for my family every night.  Do what you know is right. Be an example. Eat cookies.

Love, Elder Packer

Me in front of the British Museum! Yes, it’s a wet day, but not bad.


So, we happened upon the Rosetta Stone today. Turns out it’s not originally a computer program!


Found some sort of lizard as we did Georgina’s garden this week. A LIZARD! In England! Heck yes!!!



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