Goodbye Dear Grays

Good afternoon, family!

So, by way of explanation, we don’t have a huge amount of time to e-mail today. We had a bit of a district brunch earlier that went slightly long and I still need to pack and do the rest of our P-day work today. I’m currently writing this on the train back to Grays, so hopefully I can include everything I want to.   This last week was manic. We had two work overs originally scheduled for this week, but then one from last week had to be moved, so I wound up doing 3 work overs this week. In total, I was out of my area for about three days. Crazy, but it was also good for Elder Delate because he was able to lead the area on his own for a bit.

BTdubs, I’ve been reassigned to the Gillingham District back down in the Canterbury zone! I’ve grown and learned so much in my 6 months here in Grays, so I’ll miss this place and the people here, but I’m also super excited for my new area! I’ll be going back to the zone I started my mission in, so that’s really cool. My new companion’s name is Elder Nakomahu, from Vanuatu. I’m not sure where that is, but I know President Eyering mentioned it in his talk on Fasting. I’ve met him once before and he seems like a really humble missionary, so I’m so excited to be with him this transfer!

One of the questions was what streets we walk on a lot so you could google earth them?  One street I walk on every day here is Bridge Road. And probably Southend Road. As for which streets I’ll be on tomorrow, you’ll have to tell me! Just go look at Gillingham, its across the Thames river from Grays! 

Per request, I shall now reflect just a smidge on my weeks with Elder Delate. First of all, he’s going to be a great leader in this mission someday soon. He never even acted like the usual greenie- shy and quiet. He was introducing himself to new people and getting to know them the first day. We’ve got a program that all missionaries do to help them learn the work here, it’s called “The First Twelve Weeks”. We’re supposed to study for an extra hour 5 days a week. I say supposed to, because it didn’t always happen. Some days we’d miss it because we just wouldn’t come home early enough, or we just didn’t have room to put it in our plans. It still seemed to work ok to teach as we worked when that happened. Elder Delate has really taught me more than I taught him! One thing that I’m so excited for is that he gets to baptize Sarah this coming Saturday! What a great way to start your mission off! I’ll make sure he sends me pictures of it!

Mummy, as to any Christmas list this year, it’s pretty light, as that’s how I prefer to pack. The biggest, most important thing I could ask for- and I’m totally serious here, I want this– is  real letters! One from anyone who desires to write me one! Other than that, I don’t really know.  Kraft macaroni and cheese! It’s been ages since I tasted that! There is no comparison. As for new clothes and such, I am planning on getting a new suit after Christmas, but all in all, my white shirts are doing well and my shoes are fine. One shoe is no longer waterproof, but I think I know what the problem is, and I plan on taking it to cobbler to see what they can do about it. By golly, these things are gonna last me my whole mission! I will be starting my own letters to send for Christmas very soon, and I will make sure I include those USBs you sent me, but I shall load them up with every picture on my camera and iPad for your enjoyment. Is there anything else you would like me to send back?

Ok, well, that sounds about right. If I think of anything else, I shall send it when I get to the computer!

Love, Elder Packer


Every district meeting we have a Seventh-inning stretch. This week it was our Family Home Evening favorite! DON’T EAT PETE!!!


Our train passes this cool castle ruins thing every time we go to Southend!



Extra pictures of my 3rd area, Grays:





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