Gillingham, England

Dear Packer family,

I’m glad you’re week has been as awesome as mine was! I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know my new companion and area this week, so I’ve definitely been busy! First of all, my buddy Elder Nakomaha is actually super inspiring to serve with. He didn’t have a whole lot of support from family or friends when he first joined the church, in fact it was the opposite. But his mother helped him realize what he truly believed in and he came out on a mission. She’s not a member yet, either, but she supported him. I could go on about this guy, but unfortunately our time is a bit weird today. His English is still a bit rudimentary, so that adds some spice to life! It really makes me simplify my speech more often, so that’s good for me. 

As I said last time, Gillingham is part of the Canterbury zone, which is where I began my mission, so that pumps me up a lot! To be honest it feels really good here. Dunno why. It might be that “fresh” feeling you get when you get to a new area, or I could have gas. Something like that. The ward was very welcoming this Sunday, which was also very nice! It’s a much larger ward than Grays as well. Something that surprised me this Sunday: I have never had the entire week filled up with dinner appointments at members’ homes before now. This week will be a first! 

My new flat is actually larger than the last one, so it feels quite nice. Yes, I am still a district leader. My new district is awesome too. Each companionship in the district has someone in their first 4 months, so its a young district. I’m going to call Elder Delate tonight to ask him how the baptism went for Sarah on Saturday, and I’ve got her e-mail to stay in touch, so that’s all sorted and fine.

We also have one really great investigator here named K–. She is a super sincere and inquisitive YSA age girl. From what I can understand, they just started talking in the street with her a couple weeks ago and she felt like she was getting answers to her questions!  From what Elder Nakomaha has told me, she’s decided to get baptized, she’s really feeling the Spirit! 

On to other subjects. 

I’M SO PROUD OF YOU, MUM! You are a hard-core finisher, and I knew you could do it! I’m going to save that picture of you and the medal and use it for spiritual thoughts on “enduring to the end” or something cheesy like that! …So when’s your full marathon scheduled for?

Jessica. I will probably have to yell at you when I see you again for going into the wilds of Utah without even a medium-sized knife to protect yourself. It’s a good thing that Mama Puma wasn’t hungry. 

Anyways, I’ve got some photos to send, so I’m going to make sure I get that done before my time runs out. Love you lots, family! The sky is still blue over here!


Elder Packer


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