I’m a Model

Hola muchachitas and muchachitos,

Me llamo Elder Packer. El nombre de mi compadre es Elder Nakomaha!  Hablo muy poquito espanol. But my English is swell! So this week I suppose I shall just tell you a few experiences over this week. Foist of all, on Monday after we did our emails we went to Rochester cathedral and castle with the district. It was pretty sweet.  It turned out to be basically just a funny photo shoot for all of us wannabe missionary models, so I’ll send you a bunch of those pics.


TV drama picture attempt number one.


This is our second attempt at an advert picture for our new TV drama: The District 3


Me and Elder Nakohama!



The Priesthood Presidin’ ?


Tuesday I was in Gravesend again, this time with the other elder there, Elder Davis. It’s his second transfer now, and he’s tearing it up with Elder Haysman. I don’t actually do that many workovers, just one with each elder in my district, which is two. We were out finding and were about to go into the chapel to do an exchange evaluation, (that’s where I tell them what they do well and set goals for improvement and pretend like I know what I’m doing), when he says, “We’ve got about 5 minutes left. Should we keep finding?” So we literally turned around, yelled at the guy across the street, crossed and talked with him for 5 minutes. They’re seeing this guy again tomorrow. These Gravesend elders are champs, I’m super proud of them!

Not much happened on Wednesday except a driving lesson. Hey dad, my test is scheduled for the 19th this month! It’s as close as I could get it. Everybody pray for me that I’ll pass!

Friday evening was bittersweet. We’re teaching a great guy from Nigeria named Uche, and he really seemed to like brother Martin in our lesson, but on our way there we ran into Kizzy. She basically told us that she decided to test God this week. She’s going to go a week without reading the Book of Mormon or coming to church or prayers or anything and see if it makes a difference. What do you say to that? No, you can’t do that? Ayayayay. So we’re really praying for her at the moment that she comes back.

Saturday morning was another heart-breaker. Our huge Jamaican friend, Phil, told us he didn’t want to read the Book of Mormon because he resents it. Hasn’t read any of it, but he resents it. He literally judged a book by its cover. He says God made him feel this way, but we couldn’t help but take note that he’d had his Jehovahs Witness buddies over for a bible study an hour or so before we got there. Those guys know how to twist the scriptures. I could really go into it, but I’m not having many charitable thoughts towards them at the moment, so I won’t.

On a brighter note, They also had a huge community bonfire and fireworks show to celebrate Guy Fawkes day!  It’s a celebration of a failed conspiracy by Catholics to assassinate the  Protestant King James I.  We went and watched it with some members, and I have literally never seen a fire so huge! As well, we had a stake YSA church meeting here in Gillingham, and we went for the refreshments afterwards- I swear we went and worked between our church and their food!#theLordprovides- and guess who was there? All my home dawgs from the Deal ward! The Pettman girls were still loud and crazy, and my buddy Rhys (do you remember me telling you about him?) is leaving for his mission to Leeds in 3 weeks! I’m so flippin excited for him! Plus his dad is going to be able to go to the temple with him and get his endowments too! Woohoo!


My Deal peeps. Rhys is the purple tie bloke.

All in all, the week had its ups and downs, but it ended on a good note, at least.  Some more info about Elder Nakomaha now: His specific island that he lives on is called Tanna. They’re still just a branch there, but from the sound of things it’s growing by the day. This is his third transfer in the mission, and he’s starting to get the rhythm of things.  His English has gotten way better though! I remember meeting him at zone conference in his first transfer and he didn’t speak a whole lot because of the language. Now it’s just a matter of getting him more confidence in his language abilities. It can still be a bit difficult to communicate everything at times, but it’s just a laugh trying to figure each other out.  His native language is Bislama. I’ve discovered while teaching and planning with him, that he knows the NewTestament pretty dang well! I’ve learned a lot about the importance of that book with him. As far as his family goes, his father and two older brothers are not members, but his younger brother was baptised just before he left. His mother passed away about a month ago, and that has definitely been a hardship for him.  I don’t think he gets emails or letters from home.   Thanks for the emails you’ve sent him.  He needs mums to email him every week, and I can’t think of a better one to give him. Thanks for being so caring and loving with him and with me,

I think that’s the wrap-up for my week! Benson please don’t crash, the truck deserves better than that!

Love, Elder Packer


Da Zone


Aaaaaawww. Too cute.


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