November 2nd, 2015 (Trick or Treat)


This week was fairly awesome if I do say so myself! Can’t really say what’s going on, but somehow we got a return appointment with 7 new people, and they all actually happened!! Wait, what? So thankfully we are being blessed with people to teach. Funny enough, I actually MISSED 4 of those appointments as I was away in Gravesend on a workover. But oh well, Elder Nakomaha and Elder Davis took care of things. The lessons that I was at were pretty good, though. We sat down with Kizzy after church with an RM from France, one of the YSA girls, and the Tuttle’s, to try and resolve her concern about not feeling ready to be baptized. The spirit was definitely present, and she knows the Book of Mormon is true, she just needs to connect that knowledge with God. So this week she’s reading and praying about Joseph Smith. Also, on our way to an appointment with a guy named Uche, we met a young man named Martin, who really wants to improve and find the right church. Kinda one of those situations where he can’t determine on his own what’s right, and he’s close to just throwing his hands in the air, giving up and just doing whatever pleases him. Can’t really blame him, Joseph Smith was in much the same position. We showed him the similarities and he was like, “This makes sense, I’m liking what I’m learning.” He’s preparing to be baptized on the 22nd of November, although he didn’t come to church yesterday. We’ll hopefully find out why today. 

This week was also exciting because a new senior missionary couple has arrived here in our ward! Elder and Sister Tuttle are so awesome, and helpful, and super spiritual! They’ll only be here in Gillingham for 6 weeks before they go to Canterbury to take over with the Stake YSA when the other couple finishes their mission. You might be able to friend them on Facebook, I don’t know if their rules are slightly different.

 Another reason this week was awesome was Halloween! It’s not as big here as it is in the U.S., but there were still a good number of houses decorated and people out and about! For dinner on Halloween, a member came and took us out for fish and chips, then we planned to go visit a less active family. They weren’t home when we knocked though. Then I saw a door just down the road was decorated pretty well and a kid had successfully “knocked and it was opened unto her”. We didn’t have a lot of solid stuff for the rest of the night, just stopping by some peeps, so…we went trick or treating. Best Halloween ever. Our costumes were definitely the scariest ones out there! And just because people always seem to confuse us with Jehovah’s Witnesses, I made sure to say Happy Halloween to errybody! Heeheehee! Hahaha! Wishing you blue skies from the dense fog that is the Land of England,

Elder Packer

P.S. Thanks for your e-mail to Elder Nakomaha. He doesn’t show a lot, but I think he really liked it. Could you make it a weekly thing? His e-mail is Love you!


Le Big Ben from the night we drove home from that max huge mission leadership conference.


Le Buckingham Palace from the same night.


Le Eye of London. Same night. It was well and fun!


Le Gillingham District


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