Forever Selfie’s

Oi, you lot!

This last week we had an exciting find! We were carried by the Spirit up to the tippy top of our area to a little village named Cliffe Woods. There’s one member family that lives there, but they go to the Gravesend Ward.  Their son is preparing to leave for his mission to India in a month or two, so he came tracting with us. Usually tracting is not very successful here, as people generally don’t like to talk on their doorstep or even answer their doors, but it was the only thing to do there, so we got cracking! We had some good laughs at the beginning, you always get your embarrassing ones out first so that’s done and dusted, and then after half an hour the lad we were with had to go home and sort some things out for his visa. We carried on, and then we asked one guy who wasn’t interested if he knew anybody in the area that might be. He pointed to the next house and said, “They probably will be.” That was the next door any way, so accordingly we knocked that door. Elder Nakomaha introduced us and asked if she’d ever seen missionaries like us, and she said no. But then she said, (and my memory gets muddled sometimes, so I’m paraphrasing a bit), “But you’re Mormons, aren’t you? I saw a program on the telly about Mormons. I want to learn a bit about what you believe in.” My jaw dropped because I’ve never once heard those words come from a tracted door in my life. I pinched Elder Nakomaha to see if I was dreaming. >:) Jk, but it was still cool.So we came in and answered some questions she had, got to know her and her family a bit, taught her a bit about the Book of Mormon and set a return appointment in two days! Way awesome! God just knows when people are ready, and then he can almost literally pick you up and put you down in front of their door. Crazy. We went back on Thursday, and discovered they came across some false facts about Joseph Smith and Mormons online, so our first lesson with them was just answering their questions and introducing the Book of Mormon. Tomorrow though, we’re going to set our purpose with them and have an awesome lesson on the Restoration! Please pray for them. 

Elder Nakomaha is doing great as well. We’ve been doing the 12 Weeks training program some more and I think it’ll help. He’s really ready to share the Gospel, he just needs more experience learning HOW. I think he really loves e-mailing you guys, so well done! My family is awesome! Something I’ve discovered about Elder Nakomaha is that he’s actually quite the jokester, once you get him to open up and talk! I went to wake him up last night to go to bed, (he was asleep on the couch while I did call-ins with the ZLs), and he was not waking up. so I knocked on the wall and rang our doorbell to see if that would do it, but no luck. So I went to nudge his shoulder to wake him up and he suddenly opened his eyes, jumped up and yelled “HEY HEY!” He startled me so freaking much I almost had a heart attack!

Well, I’m about to run out of time on the computer, so this’ll have to be it for the week. I love you!

Love, Elder Packer

P.S. Well done, Jessica for going through the temple! Go as much as you can, it’s great mission prep!

  1. I cut Elder Nakohama’s hair this week!  Went to the barbershop the next morning!
  2. Had to take picture of the flat after we cleaned it.  Sent this little beauty into the office.

3) Entry #1 and #2 for the family ugly selfie competition.


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