Journey to St. Albans by Platform 9 3/4

Morning, family!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was pretty good. We didn’t really do much for Thanksgiving, unfortunately, but it was still a crazy week. I suppose I conveniently forgot to mention my new companion’s name last time, sorry about that. But I think I’ve mentioned him once or twice before, he’s an old friend. Yup. Elder Leite and I are companions again.  Remember, he was my trainer.  #theZLs

I’d like to tell you all the responsibilities we do as zone leaders here, but I’m honestly still confused about everything. We do call ins with the district leaders and update the key indicators in the computer, and we call around to make sure everyone’s happy and working well. I’ll get a handle on everything soon, probably. We’re the smallest zone in the mission, with 8 companionships total, and the flat is nice. It’s not too far from the chapel as well! St. Albans is a pretty good ward and the members are so fun. There’s a recent convert from Italy named Silvia who is pretty much the missionaries’ best friend, so we see her all the time. We’ve got an investigator from Poland named Pawel, and he’s really good as well. He takes everything in well enough, his only thing is that he doesn’t trust God as his Heavenly Father. He’s never really had an idea of what a good father’s supposed to be like, so that’s probably why. We’re working and focusing on helping him build that trusting relationship up with his Father so he can get baptized.

A funny story from this first week here: the St. Albans sisters are both pretty new to the mission, and they had a baptism scheduled for after the block on Sunday. They’d asked a brother to baptize their investigator, a cute little Chinese university student named Spring. (In a completely non-racist way, she is tiny. Asians. ;P) Problem is, they didn’t really know what all needed to be sorted out for a baptism, so we had to help them out quite a lot and step in. Then the brother who was supposed to perform the baptism must’ve forgotten, because he wasn’t there! Luckily, Elder Leite brought his whites because the sisters were going to potentially have a second guy baptized as well, (long story short- his boss didn’t let him off work and kept him extra long because he don’t like the Book of Mormon- I want to have words with him), but because that happened, he got to baptize Spring and everything worked out fine in the end!
Man, was it hard to leave Elder Nakomaha! It broke my heart.  The Spirit was just there when I gave him a hug and he and his new companion went back to Gillingham. I really hope we serve around each other again! He’s my black brother! He’s such a good man and loves the gospel  P.S. Maybe when my loving, sweet, generous parents hopefully travel back to England with me for a trip, we can do it before he goes home so y’all can meet him!?

Oh by the way, I didn’t get the box of holiday decorations yet, but we’re going to London for a mission leader conference this Thursday, so I’ll be sure to pick it up then!

I love you guys! It gets dark here around 4:30.  When it’s not misting, (I can’t call it raining, really), it’s gotta be blue. Somewhere. I know it!

Elder Packer


Me, our friend Uche, my brother Elder Nakomaha, and Sister Kinnard on the photobomb squad.


We traveled in for transfers as a district and took a short detour across the street to King’s Cross.


We traveled in for transfers as a district and took a short detour across the street to King’s Cross.

Extra Pictures from my 4th area, Gillingham: 


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