He was born so I…


Hope everyone had a good week, cause I know I did. This week was MAX crazy, because President asked us to sort out the big Christmas zone conference for the st. Albans and Northampton zones this Friday. So we managed to get some of the missionaries together to do a musical number, booked the chapel, correlated with the Northampton ZLs for what activities to do, made sure the microphones and projector junk worked in the chapel and let everyone know how it was all going down. It was a bit of madness, but it worked out really well. President and Sister Stevens took care of the first half of the conference with a couple really good spiritual devotionals and some music. (President sang a solo from The Forgotten Carols and freakin’ SLAYED it like a boss!) Then after lunch, WE got to run the show. >:) After this we did the first activity, which was kind of a Scripture Mastery/mixup thing. It was good. Then we split everyone into their districts and give them all a story from the scriptures to act out however they wanted. That one turned out to be funnier than we imagined. It was a riot.  We saw a bunch of shy missionaries step up and show a little more personality there! Instead of them quoting scriptures, everyone took a bit of poetic license and wound up with different lines. For example, King Lamoni calling for his servants: “Where’s my servant Ammon, and that white one?” The district that got the story of the Tower of Babel was funny because all of them were from different countries anyways! They had no problem speaking in many different confusing tongues all at once!  Then we had a white elephant gift exchange, (I got a turkey hat, it was well cool). Then before the dessert competition, Elder Leite and I sat President Stevens in the middle of the room and sang him a very special song. It’s a very important song, containing a very important question. Unfortunately, the sister who filmed it doesn’t know who’s device she was using to film it, (0.o?), so I haven’t got the video yet, but I’ll give you the lyrics.  It was a right ole’ crack up all around.

(To the tune of “Santa Baby”)
We can … have an awful good time,
President buddy, and let me go to Star Wars tonight!

President buddy, I’ll pick up a lightsaber- blue, for you.
I’ll save a seat for you too,
President buddy, and let me go to Star Wars tonight!

Think of all the work I’ve done
Think of all the meetings that I haven’t shunned
This is all I want to do
To have some Merry Christmas fun

President buddy, it’s something that I really do need, to see,
No, I don’t mean when I’m home.
President buddy, so let me go to Star Wars tonight.

President buddy, THESE ARE THE DROIDS YOU’RE LOOKING FOR, and It helps my numbers to grow.
President buddy, so let me go to Star Wars tonight!

President Stevens, I heard about a theater rule, from you
So can we get on YouTube?
President buddy, just let me go to Star Wars tonight?

I know that you probably think
It goes against the handbook but you didn’t see,
The one thing we’re allowed to watch,
This movie is made by– Disney

President buddy, think of all the work that we’ve done, it’s fun
To work at Christmastime
President buddy, so let me go to Star Wars tonight
Let us go to Star Wars tonight!

Other than that Christmas concert, we went on an exchange earlier this week, Pawel was in America over the week with his friend, so we’re seeing him later today. 

I can’t think of anything else at the current moment except that Christmas day happens to be coming up and I get to see y’all!  I’ve got a few pictures after this. Oh yeah, I got the Christmas packages! I can’t put them under the tree because it’s chillin on the fridge, but I can’t wait to open them on Christmas day! Love you all!  I’m so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and feel a lot of happiness in getting to share it.  

love, Elder Packer

P.S.  Use the Force…it is for reelz.

PPS.  “He was born so I”… might have joy!  How do YOU finish this sentence?

We were driving at sunset on a very foggy day this week, and I had to show you. A peek of real sunset.  It looked way better than this though.



#TeamSanta  Lookie Mom, I’m wearing your sweater.  It fits wrong or too long in all the wrong places.  It’s awesome!!!  Perfect Christmas sweater.



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