Bringing in the New Year – Jan. 5

Dear Mum and Dad,

Transfers have come and we found out last night what’s going down in the zone. I am pleased to have the honor of booting out our beloved Elder Leite in six weeks’ time! Im actually pretty excited for this coming transfer, we’ve got some good missionaries coming in to the zone. It’s gonna be a white transfer for sure. 

Pawel’s baptism is this Saturday! Everybody’s excited, he is a really great person.  He went to France this last week to volunteer with the refugee crisis.  We’ve got MLC coming up on Thursday, so we’ll be driving in to London again! In answer to Sam’s question (“Do you do anything boring?”), MLC is a boring thing that we do. It’s great because we set goals and counsel together about moving the mission forward, and I get to see a bunch of my good buddies, but it lasts aaaaaaalll day. Literally!

Ok! *cracks knuckles* Lets get down to business! I’ve got some questions to answer from you guys!

Mia, my New Year’s Eve was great, and since we were supposed to be off the streets by 7:00pm, we just went and chilled with a couple families in the ward who are awesome….and I probably should have taken pictures of them. Just thought of that. Sorry Mum!

Mum, one New Year’s goal I set for myself was to be the best example I can for the missionaries I serve with. I had some really good role models in the beginning of my mission, and I want to provide that for all of these new missionaries coming in if I can.  Another goal I have before July is I want to teach and baptise a whole family that accept the gospel and that will be sealed a year afterwards so I can go to their sealing! That’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but haven’t got it yet. I will not rest until that happens though!

Dad, this last week was a bit slower with the missionary work. We have a great Chinese family that we’re trying to teach, they just haven’t been available cause of the holidays, but we’re going to see them in the next few days. Fun experience yesterday, we went tracting this cul-de-sac, and one lady who opened the door didn’t appreciate us calling very much. She told us she was in the neighbourhood watch, and Elder Leite decided to be a bit cheeky and ask her what that was. She told us it meant she can call the police and have them remove us from the street. But both of us know that there are zero laws against us doing what we do, so Elder Leite said, “Fine, I guess we’ll just keep trying our luck on this road.” I saw her watching us from the window the rest of our time on that street. You don’t know how badly I wanted the police to show up! That would have been a great mission story!!

Jessica, please.

Mum again, St. Albans is a busy little place. Lots of people commute to work in London because it’s so close. The actual area/stake is really pretty. It’s very green, and there are lots of small woods all over the place. 

Benson, I wouldn’t have a clue, but I hope so. Also, I like your idea of keeping to missionary schedule! If I could add one thing, make sure you MAKE time for personal scripture study. Don’t find time, make time.

Sam, yours was answered earlier, but I have a question for you. How did you manage to slap your face with your own ski? You poor guy, I felt so bad for you when I heard about your nosebleed accident on the slopes, but at the same time that is one of the funniest things I’ve heard all week! That, and watching Jessica wipe out on a little dinky jump! 😀 😀 😀 Seriously though, how did you do that to yourself?

As for this week, I’ve got some good photos to send you, and some videos that will probably have to be uploaded to the shared album for you to see them.

Oh man. Uuuuuuuuuugh, I miss skiing and snowboarding so much! I’ve decided that there are few things I like more in life than skiing with my family. But that doesn’t mean stop sending pictures and videos of your ski trips, because I love them. 

I love you guys, and I’ll talk to you next week! 


Elder Packer

Elder Leite, Pawel, Silvia (Italian recent convert here), Nadz(Iranian recent convert), and me at a YSA activity!


Found a Bobby hat!



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