Let the Holy Spirit Guide

Dearest Family,

I’m sorry I ruined your lives, and jammed 10 cookies into the VCR.-and didn’t send an email last week.  Right, well here we go!

Hello mom and pop, and Jessica and los Chimichangos! This week and last week were great, apart from not e-mailing you last week. That was not great. I stink like beef and cheese!  But repentance is possible, and this week I know exactly what I want to e-mail y’alls about. But first of all, I called President Stevens and made sure he knows about my endorsement, so he should have done that by now and sent off to BYU. 

To start off with, I first have to say how weird it was to see all of you in that video.  It was less weird once I read the e-mail about it and got some explanation, but I did fear for my father’s sanity there for a minute. I want to play Pterydactyl too! And what’s worse, it looks like you roped in Braiden. Poor lad. I’ve got a funny video from this week to share with you as well! It’s almost like the punchline to a bad joke- What happens when a Frenchman, South African, Brazilian and an American have a sleepover? It’ll be on the photoshare album.

My driving test is coming up! It’s on Tuesday morning, so I’ll hopefully have earned my English driver’s license by the time yous take Jessica down to Provo! To practice, we’ve been taking an older member of the ward around so I can legally sit behind the wheel. His name is Brother Stimpson, and he’s 82, hilarious, and so dedicated to the Lord! Physically, he’s fit as a fiddle, but in the space of 5 minutes he asked me 4 times if my test was that day.

This Tuesday I went on an exchange in Dunstable with Elder Beckstrand, who’s still quite young in the mission. We had a good ol’ time riding bikes around in the freezing cold. (I had to get myself a new winter coat at Costco last Monday! I’ll show you a picture.) We also had a really cool experience together. We had this guy G- calling us telling us he really wanted to see us that night, so we arranged things to go meet him briefly before our appointment with the lady we needed to interview for baptism. On our way there, I had this feeling that it was kinda dodgy, but I told myself that it was just me being cold. Then I kept thinking about it, and it made me think again. I stopped Elder Beckstrand and asked him to say a prayer again before we went the rest of the way to this guy’s house, and afterwards I still felt like turning around, so that’s what we did. I called G- and told him something important had come up and that we’d meet him the next morning in town. I didn’t feel a confirmation that I’d done the right thing until later that night when we went to bed. I don’t know what God was keeping us from but I’m confident we followed the direction of the Holy Ghost that night!  He does protect

Some really good news, is that while Elder Beckstrand and I were in Dunstable, Elder Leite and Elder Kendall met two university girls who are studying psychology, A- and M-. M- has had very positive experiences with missionaries before and loves us and the church. She said the only thing that stops her from saying, “Right, I’m one of these guys,” is the fact that she can’t yet accept the existence of God. But the great thing is that she wants to know for herself. #realintent   A- is her flatmate with similar beliefs, and was also pretty interested in what we had to say when we went there to teach them. Their questions were a dream come true. For every single question they had, we opened the Book of Mormon and showed them the exact thing that they’d talked about. The Spirit was so strong, and they were both so happy by the end of the lesson! M- has a baptismal date for the 27th of February now.

I’ve got another funny story to quickly tell. Elder Leite and I were bringing some milk to the Sisters in Hatfield, (just next to St. albans), and we thought we’d creep on them, so we parked the car inconspicuously and turned the lights off.  Unbeknownst to us, we didn’t do such a good job of hiding so when the sisters walked by on their way to their flat to meet us, they didn’t let on that they’d seen us. Instead they decided they’d fake an argument between them that ended in hair being pulled and punches thrown!  They looked seriously mad! — Ok, for the record, Sister Mahaffey and Sister Shamukiga are both really good actors….also I’m pretty gullible. Continue.— Even Elder Leite knew they were joking.  Back in the car he said, “Man, this is bad!  What should we do?” Turd.  He’s been a zone leader for 10 months so he should know what to do.  Then Sister Mahaffey called me to break the news and rub it in.  Thank goodness –  I’m pretty sure crying women terrify me.  My pride is still limping with a Band-Aid this morning. -_-

Last of all, Jessica, enjoy your last week home for a while! You’ll miss it when you’re gone for a year! Benson, Sam and Mia, I love you too. Now go outside and help Dad shovel the dang snow! Mum, I know you cooked quite a lot this week, but hot chocolate is quite enjoyable after a good morning of shovelling.

I love you all and the blue is sky!


Elder Packer 

1) Me, my sweet new coat, and a sweet old abbey behind me.


2) I started a conversation with a guy on a bus by getting him to take a picture of me for you guys! #creativity


3) Remember the J J Café? Well we’ve hit Europe now. We’ll be a global franchise soon.


4) These are the Primary boys, they love us and we love them!


5) I made art


6) It snowed.


7) Our car



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