Farewell, Sister Packer. Welcome to the club!

Dear Familia de los Packeros,

I am so jealous of all the snow you guys are getting! The one day we got snow this year, it was gone by the end of church. First things first, I haven’t taken my driving test yet, it’s tomorrow at 8:10. So no news on that yet, but keep praying for me! Third time’s the charm, right? I just keep trying to tell myself that I love roundabouts. 

Well, things are going well here in the St. Albans zone. This week a few companionships found some really solid people that will be baptised this February. We’re doing well in our area as well. We’ve got Millie, that YSA girl from the other week. She hasn’t been to church the last two weeks cause she was visiting her dad in Bedford, but she should be coming to Family Home Evening tonight! Other than her and her friend Ani, we’ve got a great family we’re working with, the mum is Jamaican, dad is English, and they have a 13 yr old son, 11 yr old daughter, and another 5 yr old girl. We love them, and they love us! We’re going to be fasting with Shannon, the mum, this weekend for her sister. Elder Leite drove another guy, Elder Kendall, up to Cambridge on Friday, so me and Elder Beckstrand got to spend another day together, this time in my area. We were out finding almost all day, and we did find a nice mother of four kids named Vicki who we’ll see tomorrow! We forget to get the key to the flat from Elder Leite earlier, so we couldn’t go home for lunch at all and we ended up going to a pub called The Blacksmith’s Arms for lunch. Not bad, not bad, plus I get to say I’ve eaten at a pub now. 

On Thursday this week, after the Stevenage district meeting, we took all four of them down to Harlow for lunch at Five Guys and did a blitz. The blitz was crazy awesome, we found them 3 new investigators, which really helped them out, because they’re area is one of the hardest in the mission and they hadn’t had much luck previously. 

Today for P-day, we got the whole zone together at the stake centre and played chair football! It was awesome, I haven’t played a good game of chair football for weeks! We’ve got 8 companionships, but one wasn’t there as they were busy inviting a lad to be baptised in March. With that big group in the gym, it was a proper game, I got SO sweaty!

Fun tale from this Sunday, there’s an RM here named Seth that we’re super good friends with. He served his mission in Utah, and he ate Kraft macaroni and cheese every day there, so when I told him I had 3 boxes left, he got so excited! We had a little party at his flat last night and used the last of my stash. That’s ok though, happiness is meant to be shared. ;D

Well, all I really have left for today is for Jessica! Good luck, sis, you’ll be great! Don’t be too afraid or too proud to change. That’s the best advice I can give you! Everything else, you can ask me from your mission e-mail later! I love you!

And the sky is blue, Elder Packer


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