I Don’t Drive On the Wrong Side of the Road

hannDear Mum and Pop + Family + Friends,

Fondest greetings from the land of red telephone boxes and cars on the left side of the road! On that subject, I would like to announce my third consecutive… failure of the English driving test! Yay! Haha, I’ll get back on the horse though! The next available test I could schedule was in April, so I shall take it…again!

In other news, HOLY FLIPPIN’ HECK! Jessica is in the MTC, and Jana’s hitched! Sounds like it’s been a huge week for the Packer Clan! Other things I enjoyed in thine e-mails: my father calling himself a boob, my mother warding off MTC Dementors with Krispy Kreme doughnuts, discovering that apparently there’s something called the $800 club, and the pictures of the week!

So for our investigators this week, Shannon and her family were supposed to come to church this Sunday, but wound up cancelling after we got to the chapel that morning. But on the bright side, she still offered to cook us lunch afterwards! I’d rather have her at church, but I guess we’ll take what we can get. Any ways, I’ve never had goat before then, but now I really like curried goat! She promised I’d get to try ox tail next time, so I’m way excited for our next lesson. Marina hasn’t been in town for a couple weeks, but we’ll be swinging around to try again tonight.

The work was a bit slow this week, as we were in London on Wednesday for MLC, and it went three hours longer than scheduled so we didn’t get home in time to do anything that day. Thursday we did do a bit, but mostly  had to prepare stuff for zone meeting the next day. Friday was boss though! Because the APs didn’t give us a training to present to the missionaries, (they usually do), so we decided to completely focus the meeting on everyone building the our confidence and getting outside our comfort zones. Which is something that Dad mentioned in his talk to the High Priests this week, so I thought that was cool. I’ll make sure to give you a copy of the trainings we did so you can see them. Hopefully they make sense! Our first training was very unorthodox. We had the missionaries draw a well-sized circle on a sheet of paper, then as we listed off 20 different finding activities, they would write that activity inside the circle if they’d be comfortable doing it, and outside the circle if they’d be uncomfortable. After that, we had them switch companions, then go out into St. Albans town and do as many of those uncomfortable activities as they could! This was different from any missionary meeting I’d been in before because we actually went out and applied things we were learning. It was so fun.  I could see the fear in many of the younger missionaries’ eyes when we told them what we were going to do! Hahaha We reminded them that we would never push them out of their comfort zones, it doesn’t work like that. You’ve got to jump out yourself! During the activity, Elder Leite and I walked around outside trying the same things out as well. We also asked people if they’d “seen our friends just now”? And the reactions were almost all affirmative and very positive about them! After about 20 minutes, we called them all back into the chapel to evaluate and review how it had gone. It was such a testimony builder for me to see missionaries who had gone outside looking like deer in the headlights, coming back inside with huge grins, some laughing and some not wanting to finish just yet! We sat them down again and taught them that they can be both humble and confident at the same time. Then we finished by singing a song, which I’ll try and get from Sister Quinn so I can upload it to the shared album. It’s called Read All About It. 


Man, I love this work! I’ve got the best job ever, fer reealz. And now, so does my sister! I love you guys so much, and I love your emails to me, they keep me goin sometimes! Please have an awesome week so you can tell me all about it next Monday! Also, keep up the questions, they help me know what to write about for the week, haha!

Love, Elder Packer

P.S. I asked President Stevens what my release date was a few months ago and he said it would be the last week of July, so I will probably be flying home the Wednesday of that week. Not sure what date exactly it is, but it’s the same week as Mum and Benson’s birthdays I think!

Da zone. We had fun with a piñata for a bit of a break amidst trainings.

9 nations and 4 states represented in this pic!



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