The Day of the Commando

To: The Packer’s

Help! Stop. New companion is ex-military. Stop. Drill sargeant in the morning! Stop. Request back-up and Kraft Mac and Cheese. Stop. Unsure if I will be alive to write next week. Stop. Love you. Stop.

Haha, JK,  Elder Helisto really did serve a year in the Finnish military before his mission! I think it’s mandatory there. He’s pretty chill though, we’ve just been laughing and cracking jokes and working our butts off this last week! He’s blonde, a bit taller than me, and we get along like two international peas in a pod. Something I really like about him is his drive and desire to work hard, but to still have loads of fun at the same time! Fun miracle just from this week, we stopped by Mi-‘s again, just randomly, and she answered the door! We found out she’d been up in Leeds for a couple weeks taking care of her dad, but he’s fine now. And she’s been ill for a few more weeks but she’s starting to recover now! We sat down with her and had another good chat and committed her to read the book of mormon and cut down on smoking. She’s still doing really well with her smoking right now, and we’re hoping to bring her to the YSA family home evening tonight! 


Me new Chum, Elder Helisto

So, this week. On Monday we had a bunch of work to do, and Elder Leite didn’t really get to start packing until that evening, so we wound up packing until 2am and then waking up at 5 to finish up before we went to London on Tuesday. We got to London around 11ish and didn’t have to be there until 2:30 for Elder Leite’s departing interview with President. So we took off to visit Camden Town with a few other missionaries who were spending P-day in London as well! Camden Town is bizarre, but so cool! I don’t really know how to describe it, other than saying that you can find whatever you want there. If you’re looking for it, you can find it in one of the market stall/stores. Whatever you do find is probably a fake or knock-off as well, but who cares?

 The next place we had to go to you’ll recognize.  We walked across Abbey Road in true Beatles style! I don’t even like the Beatles very much, but it was still cool. After that we went back to Hyde Park, Elder Leite got interviewed, and we pretty much just had to hang out with the departing missionaries and their companions. It was so sad to see this group go, because the Sister’s leaving were the ones who were in the MTC with me! I’m going to miss them, we were so tight! Anyways, before me and Elder Jensen (my temporary companion) went to the place we’d be staying for the night, we “accidentally” hung around to say goodbye to everyone the last time, and we met Elder Leite’s family! They came to pick him up and tour some of his past areas before they went home, so they were actually there and we got to see him meet them for the first time in 2 years! It was so special to witness that. 

Wednesday morning I met Elder Helisto in Hyde Park and we drove the St. Alban’s sisters back to our area with us. Then that evening, “Ricardo” and the Leite family took us out to eat at Nando’s. 


Me, Silvia, Elder Helisto and the Leite family at Nando’s for dinner!

The next morning, the Sister’s called us and told us that there were a few things to prepare for their investigator’s baptism that had been left for the last minute. So in between our lessons and such we helped them run around to make sure this thing happened! Eventually we got to Saturday evening, an hour and a half before the baptism, and everything was sorted out fine. We had the Luton elders attending as well, so I sent Elder Helisto out with Elder chatora to find some people to bring in if they could. They found one guy named Peter who couldn’t make it to the baptism, but came to church yesterday morning! He used to play professional hockey back in the Czech Republic, and he’s actually met with missionaries before! We met with him after church in a park and talked a bit more and discovered that he’s made a few “life mistakes” as he called them, and he wants to be a better man. His questions for us were very poignant but sincere, like when we invited him to be baptised and he asked, “So what do you guys get out of this? I know you’re not paid, but what do you get if I join your church?” He was satisfied with our answers and basically told us that he can tell when people are messing with him, because he looks them in the eyes. Guess our eyes were fine. He’s cool, he just needs more self-worth. We’re working to help him be baptised on the 26th of March!


Elder Helisto and Chatora, Nadz(baptising), Phillip(getting dunked), ME and Elder Aubin

Well that’s my week in a nutshell.  Now to answer a few questions.  No, it has not flooded at all down here. That’s mostly been up in the North, around Leeds and such. St. Albans is actually a very historical town, and I’ve taken a few other pictures which I shall send later. I’ll make sure to take more this week though!

I love you and the blue is sky!   Elder Packer


St Alban’s Cathedral


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