Spring is Springing, So is The Work

Deer Packer Herd,

It has been a week. Definitely 7 days! About 1/4 of a month, by my reckoning. I’m so excited to start getting all the sports updates from all’s y’all again! Benson with baseball, Sam with lacrosse, and Mia and Mom with Volleyball, I’m gonna have a proper ESPN Sports News session every Monday! Can’t wait! 

So I made a video, make sure you take a look at that.  On a complaining note, we were out of our area for two complete days this week, one for Super MLC and the other for a workover with the APs. They were both really good, but I’m starting to get tired of traveling into London now. It takes time away from that good old, hard work, missionarying.  Once more this Wednesday, and that should hopefully be the last time we have to drive in there this transfer!  

So last Sunday after church we were leaving and there was this drunk guy just outside the chapel that Brother Goff was speaking to. We went out to lend a hand, and wound up offering to walk this guy just round the corner to his flat. (Good thing too, he was soooo hammered I think he would’ve fallen down the stairs halfway up!) We took him up to his room and talked with him for a bit, and he talked about how much he wanted to give up drinking. We shared with him a scripture from his Bible, and set a time to come back on Monday.  When we got there Monday, he wasn’t there.  So, we sort of figured that’s what we always get when we set appointments with people who are slammed; Usually they never even remember us so I didn’t expect much.  He kept coming back to our thoughts throughout the week and I really softened up towards him.  Gotta follow that feeling, right?  So yesterday, we just stopped by his flat on our way to church hoping he might be home, and he actually was! We went up to talk to him, and he actually did remember us, had hoped we would come back and he wanted to come with us to church! We waited for him to get ready, and off the church we went.  His name is Richard, by the way.  We got there just as it was starting. I could feel he has such a repentant and humble spirit.  Unfortunately, we were only sitting for 10 or 15 minutes before he started to get very shaky and had to leave. He told us that as an alcoholic, he can’t go very long without a drink.  He starts throwing up and physically cannot sit still and felt it would be ugly, and he didn’t want to be like that with the people at church. Addictions are terrible!  We are taught that we lose our ability to choose when we take these substances, but it is so sad to witness, so much more is lost, peace.  It breaks your heart because he is miserable all the time.  We understood and let him go, but before he left, good old Brother Freck, who’d overheard our conversation, invited Richard to his AA group that he’d been attending for years. You could really see in Richard’s eyes how much that meant to him, to feel that kind of love and support from someone he’d never spoken to in his life. He declined the invitation since he’s already part of an AA group, but they have each other’s phone numbers now, and he’s got a friend in the church now who he can support and relate with! Richard is one that is going to take a lot of work and patience, mainly from himself, but I really hope he can stick with it. I’ve seen in his face, (both sober and drunk off his rocker), the sincere desire for better times and a lasting happiness that you don’t have to go to the pub to buy. I love this guy. Remember Richard in your prayers, okay.

Just a few individual thoughts to the ninõs.  I wanted to get these bits and bobs out of the way quickly before the pictures:

Sam – Too bad nothing exciting happened, you must’ve been bored out of your freakin mind for 7 whole dayz! You know what I want to do when I come home? We need to go swimming! I’m fat and you’re bored, it’s the perfect combination!  Who do you hang out with? I can tell you who I hang out with, it’s Elder Helisto. All day! every day! haha

Benson, I need to see a video of you throwin’ this track down, its not the same just reading it. You’ll be like the Mormon Eminem one day, probably. I saw you’re men’s choir song of Spamalot, that was pretty funny! And those dance moves… well – embarrasing.  Life as a sophomore has been good to you.

Mia, I was reading your e-mail and trying to figure out what the heck fugi is, when I saw something about HOVERBOARDS???? Seriously, tell me more!!!  Do they look just like the ones in Back to the Future?  Someone send me a picture or video clip riding a hoverboard!!!  

Mum and Dad, Let’s be honest, the only real plans I have at this point is: come home, get released, watch Star Wars, eat at Cafe Rio, and begin University. The first four can potentially be done all in one day, and the last doesn’t happen for a few weeks, so I’m going to have some time-slots to try and fill! 

Okay Here’s how the week laid out.  Monday for pday we went to the St. Alban’s cathedral.  It’s a really sweet cathedral. I told y0u a bit about it last Monday cause we’d just done it before we emailed, but now I have the pictures to prove it.

Then a quick stroll across Abbey Road.  (actually we strolled across several times to get good pictures, haha)

Then on Tuesday we went and saw Millie, we called on her after her dentist appointment.   I love being able to see her. She used to be an atheist so to see her come so far as to feel and know there is a God is pretty posh.  Our next lesson will be next Tuesday.  We have a ward member going with us he  was also atheist before converting to the gospel.  Then we visited Shannon. She has a ways to go but with some prayers that we can have the spirit to help us, we can touch her heart.  Plus it sounds like we may be pulled into a game of monopoly to boot (my not so favorite game, but I can sacrifice).

This is a Chinese hot pot meal that a recent convert named Li cooked us a week or two ago! The sister’s mostly work with him, but we’re tight with him now as well.  Just look at that meat chopper!


Wednesday we had Super MLC.  This happens every 6 months and its different from regular MLC.  Regular is for Zone leaders and Sister training leaders.  Super includes the District leaders too.  It’s usually the same every time – training on effective call-ins, effective district counsels, better use of time,etc.  One thing different this time is they taught us, the elders ,how to work with the sisters.  I wasn’t sure why we needed training on that but apparently it is needed somewhere.  I feel like when we are working with a Sister companionship, it’s ALWAYS more effective.  My favorite part of that training was when the sister training leaders showed us the difference between men and women by comparing the titles of the last General Conference Priesthood session talks with the Women’s Session talks.  Look it up, It’s pretty good.  It was a funny discussion.


Me and My Brother – family reunion – reunited at MLC!  Elder Nakohama “Hello Mum and Dad”

I did get to drive in London!  It was max free.  Bumper to bumper driving everywhere you turn.  Yes I am a flunky, but I get to drive because Elder Helisto has a European driving licence and is over 21 years.  So it’s legit.  Friday we had an exchange with the AP’s.

Alrighty then, I told you about Sunday at the beginning of the email so that just about does it.  I love you all so much.  Thanks for your prayers and letters.  Spring is springing around here and the sky wants to be blue.

Love, Elder Packer

FYI:  Speaking of General Conference, look across the road from our flat, it’s the 7th day Adventist General Conference building.



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